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Benefits of Using a Humidifier

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These days, mist humidifiers are not only useful for comfort but also to preserve our physical well-being. There are many different styles on the market, including cool mist humidifiers, warm mist humidifiers, ultrasonic humidifiers, evaporative humidifiers, and whole-house humidifiers.

The primary function of the humidifier is to add moisture into the air and ensure relative humidity. The humidifier is growing in popularity by the day and different types are designed according to the preferences of the various users.

Research has shown that if your room has low moisture content, then you can experience side effects like dry skin, chapped lips, and scratchy throats. People with allergies can also experience a harder time breathing. A humidifier comes in handy in these types of situations.  Several benefits come along with using a humidifier in your room. Let’s take a closer look:


Reduce and EliminateBad Odors

HumidifierNobody likes to have stale air in their surroundings. The effects of stale air alone can cause several health issues for most people. It is best to avoid this situation completely, but what if it does happen? What can we do to prevent the stale air or odor from circulating and making us uncomfortable?

One of the functions of a humidifier is to provide absolute comfort to its users. This device, when in use, effectively and quickly eliminates all stale odors in your environment. You are guaranteed nothing but the smell of fresh air.

This function of the humidifier is very useful during the winter months when you cannot open the windows for fear of excess cold getting in. Using a humidifier is the best solution for eliminating stale air from your environment during all times of the year.

Helps Protect Your Belongings

Musical instrumentsWhat is the effect of the lack of moisture on your belongings? Most people will tell you that the moisture in the air has little to no effect. They are wrong. The lack of moisture can cause a lot of damage to your personal belongings.

There are several appliances and household materials that can get damaged over time if they are deprived of moisture in their surroundings. Musical instruments, furniture, and electrical appliances could all get damaged if they lack moisture.

To remedy this problem, you can install a humidifier device in your room. The device will provide the necessary moisture in the room and this will lead to the adequate functioning of your appliances. Some people know the importance of humidifiers and they purchase them solely to prevent the damage of expensive musical instruments, like guitars, where the wood can easily crack in low humidity environments.

Electronic appliances and computers are very vulnerable to damage from static shock. Static shock happens when there is static electricity and low humidity in an environment can amplify this. Having a humidifier will eliminate the chances of static shock occurring, and thus save your appliances.

ReduceYour Energy Consumption

Energy ConsumptionBuying a humidifier might seem like an added cost, but it will save you money along the way. It has been established that moist air feels warmer than dry air. Therefore, using a humidifier consistently in your home during the winter months will enable you to set your thermostat a few degrees lower and this adjustment will help you save money over time.

The money you would spend on energy bills to maintain a warmer environment can be saved if you decide to use a humidifier instead. It not only provides comfort, but it also helps you reduce your energy consumption.

Preserve Home Decor

Your home’s interior will be affected if it lacks a consistent level of moisture at all times. Some items that can be affected due to low levels of moisture in the home include wood floors, wallpaper, and furniture.

To ensure that the level of quality of these materials is kept very high at all times is to invest in a house humidifier. The humidifier is key to maintaining the high value of your home interior. Different types of humidifiers will serve you well in all types of weather conditions.

Health Benefits

You probably have no idea that a low humidity environment can weaken your immune system and allow you to become more susceptible to infection. To avert this negative trend, using a humidifier will be of immense help.

Using a humidifier in your room can be very helpful for people that have certain types of ailments or allergies. If you have dry skin, using a humidifier can help in relieving and preventing dry skin. It will return the moisture to the air and thus protects your skin from becoming overly dry.

coughHumidifiers not only protect your skin, but they can also help in reducing the incidence of nosebleeds that are caused by a dry mucous membrane. Some cold symptoms like a stuffy nose and dry eyes can also be alleviated by using a humidifier in your home.

If you are also suffering from sinusitis, using a humidifier in your home will be an effective form of treatment for you. The device will increase the moisture in your nose and help you with the secretion of mucus.

The humidifier also aids in relieving colds, stopping a cough, and helps keep fever symptoms from developing. The overall air quality improves and the respiratory system inevitably gets a much-needed boost which is particularly helpful for those who have asthma.

A humidifier is also useful in improving sleep. Environments with adequate amounts of moisture are warmer and more comfortable and the humidifier will help prevent snoring and dry throats.

Health Benefits for Baby

BabyAs new parents, we always have the constant fear that our babies will fall sick. Due to their fragile nature and immune system, we are constantly worried about their health. The fear is sometimes tripled during the winter months as we fear that they will likely get the flu or respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). We will go to any length to ensure that they are adequately protected.

One of the measures that you can take is to have a humidifier installed in their rooms. The humidifier will ensure that there is adequate moisture in the room at all times. The air that the baby will breathe will be clean and fresh, with no contamination in it.

During the winter months, the humidifier will also help in relieving cold symptoms and generally improve the respiratory system of the baby. A humidifier will also help in eliminating other contaminants that can cause ailments such as a dry nose, or itchy and cracked skin and can provide them with improved sleeping behaviors.

Helps Maintain Adequate Levels of Moisture

MoistureInstalling a humidifier in your home adds moisture to the air in the room or the entire house. Several advantages come with the added moisture in the house. The maintained moisture level helps in eliminating viruses that cause infection, thus keeping you healthy and free from sickness.

The normal humidity level ranges between 40-55% and anything above or below this level is deemed uncomfortable. This uncomfortable zone can be attained by just a five percent increase or decrease and when attained, can cause illness. To avoid this, installing a humidifier in your home will stabilize the moisture level at the comfortable range. This will, in turn, keep you healthy.

Beneficial for Indoor Plant Health

Photosynthesis is a basic requirement for plants to survive and thrive. Without moisture in the air, the leaves of the indoor plants will dry off and the plant will wither away. A humidifier in your home is very useful in providing the right amount of moisture needed for your plants to thrive.

You don’t have to worry about your flowers or other plants withering away if you have a humidifier installed in your home. Plants are useful because they help to pull toxins out of the air, so it is best to keep your plants healthy so that you will be healthy in return.

Considerations to Remember Before Purchasing a Humidifier

It is important that you only use distilled or demineralized water in your humidifier because tap water can potentially cause buildup in the machine, as well as foster bacterial growth because of the minerals found in the water.

humidifier filtersYou should clean and maintain your humidifier at least once every week. If this maintenance is done every week, then it will not take long to complete and it ensures that the device remains in proper working order to extend its longevity.

A lot of humidifiers also come with filters and it is important you change the filters out often. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions and recommendations concerning the type of filter that should be used and how often it should be cleaned or switched out.

Making the Decision to Purchase a Humidifier

We have discussed the numerous benefits of having a humidifier in your home. However, let us take a look at these points again so that you can ascertain the usefulness of this device:

  • It boosts health for both adults and babies
  • Helps in maintaining your home’s moisture levels
  • Your furniture and other household materials are protected
  • It has great benefits for your indoor plants
  • Helps in protecting your electrical appliances
  • It reduces your energy consumption during the winter months
  • It is perfect for people with conditions like asthma and dry skin

With the several benefits that come with using a humidifier, no wonder more people are using it this day. You definitely don’t want to miss out on all the benefits a humidifier has to offer.

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