Finding a place for massive modern refrigerators can be a hassle in smaller homes and apartments. At the same time, many homes can’t easily transition to the loss of space brought about by mini-fridges and mini-freezers.

To split the difference, many refrigerator manufacturers offer thin, 28-inch-wide refrigerators. These models tend to fit in where most won’t, providing apartment dwellers and small families a valuable tool for the kitchen that doesn’t suffer due to size. These five fridges keep well under the 28-inch wide metric but offer features and functionality you’d find in a full-sized unit.

Top 5 28-Inch-Wide Refrigerators

  • Two freezer drawers mean lots of organizational space for TV dinners, pizzas, and more
  • Exterior temperature display and controls perfect for quick adjustments
  • Glass bins, slots, and shelves reduce time spent searching for the right ingredients
  • Includes a 1-year warranty on labor & parts, and a 5-year warranty on the sealed system

  • At around 24 inches, this refrigerator is the thinnest on our list
  • Sleek and recessed handle design fits in nicely with modern homes
  • Extra-large crisper perfect for lots of fruits and veggies
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty

  • Sturdy, industrial build great for commercial and residential use
  • Digital temperature control is easy to access and offers a wide range of options
  • Unique bottom freezer design great for accessibility
  • Includes a 1-year warranty on labor & parts, and a 5-year warranty on the compressor

  • Reversible doors make this fridge adaptable to most spaces
  • Large door shelves can hold gallon jugs and larger items
  • Dedicated dairy bin helpful for better organization
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty

  • Flexi-Slide bin makes adjusting internal storage nearly instantaneous
  • Optional ice maker means no more refilling ice trays
  • Reversible doors make it easy to adapt
  • Includes a 1-year warranty

Not many manufacturers would offer a french door refrigerator as thin as this, but Haier dares to fit in most standard fridge offerings in a thinner, sleeker package. The Haier HRF15BN3AGS boasts 15 cubic feet of storage space, which puts it at about average when compared to other 28-inch-wide refrigerators on our list. Design and organization seemed to be far more important to Haier, however, and in those metrics there’s lots to love.

Internal LED lights easily illuminate the interior of the main refrigerator compartment and freezer drawers in large part due to the all-glass interior. And although you won’t be making ice with this fridge, the option of two freezer drawers is unique not only for thinner fridges but standard refrigerators in general. This is even more impressive when considering the price. Overall, there’s little to complain about with this Haier unit.


  • Two freezer drawers
  • All-glass interior
  • External temperature controls
  • Extra cold air boost capable
  • Sleek design


  • No ice maker
  • Could be larger

With the thinnest refrigerator on our list by several inches, the Kenmore 76393 makes a splash with this unit that may be best served as a basement or wet bar fridge. This model uses a similar LED and all-glass interior as the Haier unit, but goes a step further by also featuring no spill guards that keep a tight lip lifted on each individual shelf to reduce and compartmentalize spills.

Likewise, adjustable and removable shelving across the refrigerator and freezer are both helpful in getting organized more efficiently. We also appreciate the massive bottom crisper drawer, which is larger than many drawers you would find on fridges both on this list and in standard sizes. While the price is certainly right with this Kenmore unit, we would have preferred easier access to temperature controls and more efficient storage options on the doors themselves. Still, the Kenmore 76393 is valuable both for budget-seekers and the most space-conservative out there.


  • Great crisper bin
  • Thin build
  • Sleek design & pocket handles
  • No spill guards included


  • No ice maker
  • Temperature controls hard to access
  • Inefficient storage on doors
  • Low interior capacity

Summit refrigerators are often recognized for premium design and multi-functionality, and as it turns out, this 28-inch-wide Summit FFBF286SS refrigerator is no different. It is the only refrigerator on our list with a bottom freezer. Unlike the Haier refrigerator, which uses freezer drawers, both of the Summit reversible doors open either on the left or the right to reveal several drawers and bins in a classic LED and glass design.

The reversible doors specifically are quite unique to refrigerators of this size, which often forgo the feature for various other designs. And while this is the most expensive refrigerator on our list by a considerable margin, additional features such as the door ajar alarm system work to provide value for that price tag. With the largest internal capacity by a considerable margin, this unit is made for those who need more space. Just be mindful of the vertical clearance.


  • High interior capacity
  • Reversible doors
  • Built-in alarm
  • Sleek design
  • Unique bottom freezer design


  • No ice maker
  • Expensive
  • Can be too tall for some homes

Offering a traditional top freezer design with lots of room for door storage, this Frigidaire FFHT1514QS fridge shows why the company continues to be a top contender for many kitchen appliances. This model appears to be a slightly-miniaturized version of their standard offering. While the ice maker and water dispenser have been removed, this fridge’s focus falls on storage capability.


While many of the fridges on our list struggle with door storage capability, Frigidaire door compartments can hold gallon jugs, dairy products, and most other food items without hassle. We also appreciate the two dedicated crisper drawers and reversible door functionality. We do wish more time could be spent on improving temperature range, but then again, a lower bottom line and lots of space for the footprint are certainly preferable to many. We recommend the Frigidaire FFHT1514QS as a traditional fridge that’s smaller in both size and price.


  • Great door storage
  • Reversible doors
  • Multiple crisper bins
  • Dairy storage options
  • Affordable


  • No ice maker
  • Small temperature range


The 28-inch-wide Whirlpool WRT316SFDM refrigerator comes with reversible doors, easy storage options, and stands as the only model capable of making your ice for you. This model seems to be made for efficient storage. LED lights and glass shelving throughout make it easy to find what you’re looking for, and if you’ve bought something thin and tall, the Flexi-Slide bin easily slides on a horizontal bar to move out of the way.



While we would have preferred an ice maker included with the base model, having the option alone is better than other refrigerators on our list. We also appreciate the dedicated dairy center and multiple crisper drawers, but it seems that both came at the expense of wider door storage capabilities. Regardless, with 16 cubic feet to play around with, this is a top contender for a smaller refrigerator with lots of storage options and versatility. We recommend the Whirlpool WRT316SFDM for those concerns specifically.


  • Optional ice maker
  • Flexi-Slide bin
  • High interior capacity
  • Reversible doors
  • Dairy storage options


  • Ice maker sold separately
  • Thin door storage compartments
  • Temperature controls slow and hard to access

28-Inch-Wide Refrigerators To Fit In Your Kitchen Buyer’s Guide

Our 28-inch-wide refrigerator picks come in many different shapes and sizes. To uncover which one fits best in your home, we recommend considering the following before purchase:

Dimensions & Doors

We made sure to note the dimensions of each of our 28-inch-wide fridge picks, and that’s for several reasons. First of all, thinner fridges tend to be taller to compensate for a loss of internal capacity. If your home has cabinetry above the space for the refrigerator, this can pose a serious problem. Second, 28-inch-wide refrigerators tend to offer many unique door assemblies, from the two freezer drawers on the Haier unit to the bottom freezer found on the Summit refrigerator. Getting the dimensions right for the doors both closed and open will aid in ensuring clearance.

If clearance is a problem, however, thinner doors like those found on french door models may be more valuable than standard top freezer designs. As with standard freezers, you’ll also need to account for personal taste and which you think looks best in your kitchen. In either case, ensuring proper clearance is key.

Freezers & Drawers

Our 28-inch-wide fridges offer lots of different options to stow away items, which is vitally important when considering their internal capacity. While standard fridge manufacturers boast larger internal capacities overall, the reality is that an efficiently organized smaller fridge may hold more than a poorly designed larger fridge.

This is especially important to note for the freezer, which may be too thin for some larger, wider products. Having drawers is also helpful for increased vertical space and stacking of rectangular products, such as TV dinners. Some fridges utilize freezer drawers, which make it easier to store long-term foods beneath more heavily accessed foods. Be sure to consider what sorts of drawers, cubbies, tubs, and crispers come with your prospective fridge before purchasing to best match the internal organization to the types of food you tend to buy.

Dispensers & Controls

Ice makers and water dispensers can be a bit of a luxury when it comes to a 28-inch wide product. Every inch counts, and since many have moved to water filters either connected to a spout or within a pitcher, more fridge manufacturers are willing to skip this functionality for more room or different features. Many homeowners prefer these dispensers to extra space, so we made sure to note which fridges did and did not offer ice makers and dispensers.

Likewise, fridge manufacturers may offer a different feature entirely that could entice some: clearer controls. Products like the Haier HRF15NN3AGS offer clear temperature controls right on the outside of the fridge, so at a glance, homeowners can know exactly how their refrigerator is running. This will aid in best matching the internal contents to the optimal temperature, which can be helpful when using a thinner fridge as a wet bar fridge or likewise.


Do 28-Inch-Wide fridges have more or less space than standard fridges?

28-inch-wide fridges, as a whole, have less space than standard fridges. While many products attempt to make up for this with vertical space, if you’re aiming for the most space possible, standard fridges may be worth considering. Most 28-inch-wide fridges are aware of the space limitations and construct drawers, crispers, and trays to maximize internal space and reduce wasted air.

Depending on how you organize your fridge, you may be able to get more use out of organized thin refrigerators such as the Haier HRF15N3AGS than a standard fridge. Likewise, more space made by a lack of ice maker or water dispenser may aid in increasing overall cubic footage.

Do 28-Inch-Wide refrigerators come with ice makers? What about water dispensers?

Just like standard refrigerators, 28-inch-wide fridges can come with ice makers and water dispensers. Since 28-inch-wide refrigerators tend to have less square footage inside overall, though, they will often forgo having ice makers and water dispensers for other features. We made sure to note when they were included for each individual refrigerator on our list in the Overview.

Can I put a 28-inch-wide fridge where a standard fridge use to be?

Standard refrigerators are often 30 to 36 inches in width, and most manufacturers recommend leaving about two inches of space between the sizes and back of the unit. Because of this, most homes have a wide space available for refrigerators that can easily fit a 28-inch-wide model. While it may look a bit undersized to some, the real concern is vertical clearance.

28-inch-wide refrigerators often compensate for the lack of horizontal space vertically and can be an extra few inches taller than standard options. Since many homes offer cabinet space above the refrigerator, this can be a major issue.

We highly recommend measuring your available space for the refrigerator—taking into account the amount of space needed to open and close the doors, as well as taking special note of the vertical clearance. While it shouldn’t be an option for most of the picks on our list, some models, like the Summit unit, are taller than most other residential options.

Final Thoughts

Many of these 28-inch-wide refrigerators have little in common aside from their dimensions. This is why it’s important to consider all the factors mentioned in our Buyer’s Guide for a clearer understanding of which refrigerator may be right for you. We had to admit, though, that the Haier HFR15N3AGS, with two freezer drawers, french doors, and external controls, is simply the best when it comes to overall performance, capacity, and organization.

Likewise, you can get to store lots of veggies and stop worrying about spills with the Kenmore 76393 freezer, which remains the most affordable and best-looking options on our list. If you need capacity above all else and have the vertical clearance available, then the Summit FFBF286SS may be a great option for your home or small business. Finally, either the Frigidaire FFHT1514QS or Whirlpool WRT316SFDM could work for smaller homes that need organization for anything from vegetables and dairy products to TV dinners and more.

Regardless, just because you need a smaller freezer doesn’t mean you have to settle for less. Any of our 28-inch-wide refrigerators can handle what a standard fridge can, all while saving you space and leaving more room to cook, use, and enjoy.

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