Kitchen scales are underutilized by many, but their ability to precisely measure out portions, sometimes down to the nearest tenth of a gram, can be crucial to making or breaking a great dish. Cooking is as much about the skill of the cook, just as much as the ingredients themselves, which is why investing in a kitchen scale is a perfect choice for burgeoning chefs.

This article examines the top ten scales for your kitchen and discusses what separates a good scale from a great one. You can get a surprising amount of accuracy for a relatively low cost, which is why we’ve broken down which of these scales may be right for you in our Buyer’s Guide.

Top 10 Kitchen Scales

  • The clear backlit screen makes it easy to read and understand the measurement being made
  • Incredibly precise scale means a perfect measurement every time
  • Simple design makes it a breeze to calculate tare weight and either of the two major measurement systems.
  • Comes with a 10-year warranty

  • Digital, hanging design offers effective accuracy and the highest weight limit on our list
  • Built-in tape measure is perfect for unique situations and applications
  • Small, unassuming design provides for simple, affordable functionality
  • Includes a 10-year warranty

  • Included splash guard protects the scale from accidental spills
  • AC operation means no continuous replacement of batteries
  • Large, stainless steel platform perfect for most measurements
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty

  • Simple two-button operation is great for those who want to measure quickly
  • Dedicated low battery indicator prevents false measurements from dying batteries
  • Rounded design great for tare weighing bowls of food
  • Includes a lifetime warranty

  • Built-in nutritional facts calculator can keep dieters on track with more than 2000 foods
  • Tempered glass top is elegant and easy to clean
  • Precision measurement is perfect for calculating macros and sugars
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty

  • Pull-out display makes it easy to read measurements around larger bowls
  • Weight indicator keeps owners from maxing out the capacity of the scale
  • Removable scale can be easily cleaned
  • Includes a lifetime satisfaction guarantee

  • Sleek, all-in-one design makes it easy to fit lots of food on the scale itself
  • High-precision sensors make this perfect for coffee grinds and granular measurements
  • Low battery indicator reduces the risk of false measurements
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty

  • Automatic unit button is perfect for displaying measurements in most common units
  • Large screen makes it easy to understand measurements
  • Larger diameter scale makes it easy to measure larger quantities of food.
  • Includes a 2-year warranty

  • Bowl design is perfect for measuring fruits, vegetables, and larger objects
  • Built-in temperature indicator and timer increases counter space available
  • Bowl can be removed for granular measurement and easy cleaning of the scale
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty

  • Analog design means no batteries, wires, or recharges
  • Sturdy design won’t be easily broken by excess weight on the scale
  • Bowl can be removed for cleanliness or easier access to scale
  • Includes a 1-year warranty

The American Weigh Scales AMW-SC-2KG comes right out of the gate with expert precision and a clear, easy-to-read display. This scale can easily hold its own in terms of raw quality, including a clear LED display and an excellent warranty, but one of the biggest benefits of owning this product has to be the precision.

Able to decipher between 0.1 and 0.2 grams, this scale certainly has impeccable accuracy. While 2 kilograms (or 4.4 pounds) isn’t much of a weight limit, we nevertheless recommend the American Weigh Scales AMW-SC-2KG for all-around functionality, a specific focus on accuracy, and durability.


  • Highly precise
  • Perfect for measuring grinds
  • Durable
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Great warranty


  • Low overall weight limit
  • Smaller than other scales on our list

The American Weigh Scales H-110 4217 uses a design unique to kitchens for a weight limit that cannot be beaten. This model is a hanging digital scale, which means that products will need to be attached to the included hook to be measured. This could certainly be a problem for some foods, but when it comes to measuring bags of produce or other heavier options for the kitchen, this scale offers accuracy to the nearest gram.

We’re big fans of the small size and affordability of this scale, which make it a no-brainer for just about anyone interested in a hanging scale. The design remains ineffective, though, for simpler tasks like measuring out coffee or tea, so this product may be better when paired with a more traditional scale. Still, we recommend the American Weigh Scales H-110 4217 for all heavyweight use as well as for anyone on a tight budget.


  • High weight limit
  • Small and portable
  • Included tape measure
  • Great warranty
  • Durable, mountable design


  • Not very precise
  • Not equipped for liquid or granular measurements
  • Unique batteries can be hard to find

While sensitive scales may be more efficient for the most precise of chefs, others may be looking for something that’s going to take a beating without skipping a beat. The My Weigh Bakers Math KD8000 is a powerful and unique scale with a focus on high capacity for its type as well as protection of the internal components with a few simple but effective features.

We appreciate the built-in splash guard, which prevents flower, milk, and other kitchen products from finding its way onto the product. We also appreciate the AC power design, which won’t force owners to worry about imprecise measurements due to low batteries. However, the design, as well as the AC cable itself, aren’t necessarily built with style in mind. We recommend the My Weigh Bakers Math KD8000 for hard use, high capacity, and no-frills operation.


  • Easily cleaned
  • High capacity for category
  • AC operation
  • Durable
  • Several weighing modes


  • Questionable design choices
  • Splash guard can be frustrating to some
  • Somewhat bulky

As the first rounded kitchen scale on our list, the Escali Primo P115C is a good option for those who want a sleek simple kitchen scale option. This model is probably the easiest scale on our list to use. Two buttons are all that are needed to operate on the device, from calculating tare weight to switching from ounces to grams.

We also appreciate the low battery indicator, since many scales tend to give false or otherwise inaccurate readings when their batteries are low. This feature reduces the risk and offers owners a way to combat possible failure of accuracy. The sealed control panel also offers owners a simple way to clean the device without fearing for the product’s internal components. While we would have appreciated a larger diameter for the scale or more buttons to make controls more effective, we still recommend the Escali Primo P115C for ease of use and overall quality.


  • Intuitive controls
  • Easy-clean design
  • Rounded, sleek scale
  • Effective grip on most kitchen surfaces
  • Low battery indicator


  • No extra functionality besides weight measurement
  • Could be more precise
  • Somewhat small

Few products are as sleek and as functional as the Greater Goods Nourish 0451, which manages to provide one of the most effective dieting appliances we’ve seen so far. This model is a scale and nutritional aid, providing not only the weight of food down to the nearest tenth of a gram but also offering additional information that’s tailor-made for dieters. You can uncover the calories, proteins, fiber count, sugars, and just about any other ingredient within the foods you measure.

We also appreciate the focus Greater Goods has on a product that looks as good as it works. The glass construction may be fragile but provides owners with a sleek device that’s going to last quite a long time, provided you keep it away from the edge of the counter. Comparatively speaking, this scale is more expensive than the others, but we think the Greater Goods Nourish 0451 is a perfect investment for nutritionists.


  • Great design
  • Sleek, easy-clean scale
  • Advanced precision
  • Nutritional facts included
  • Splash-proof touch controls


  • Weak warranty
  • Scale can be fragile
  • Not optimal for pure measurements
  • Comparatively expensive

Similar to the My Weigh Bakers kitchen scale, the OXO Good Grips 1130800 is designed for simple use and functionality without a loss of accuracy or design. This model is a kitchen scale with a feature not too often seen: a pull-out display. When measuring the tare weight of larger bowls, owners can quite literally pull the scale’s display out and away from the product to more easily see the final number.

We also appreciate the weight indication functionality, which is designed to keep owners from overloading the sensors, which can permanently damage the device. We would have preferred a scale without the indentation for bowls, but the removability certainly works to make up for the design choice. We recommend the OXO Good Grips 1130800 for owners who primarily need a scale for liquids or semi-solids, as well as those who need something built to last.


  • Pull-out display
  • Great warranty
  • Great for bowls
  • Max weight warning indicator
  • Washable scale


  • Uneven scale surface
  • Not great for granular measurements
  • Somewhat-vague “satisfaction guarantee”

The Etekcity Multifunction EK6211 is possibly the most elegant kitchen scale on our list. It is a sleek kitchen scale that would easily fit in a modern kitchen with a focus on design and simple functionality. This model makes no distinction between the display and the scale itself. The result is an elegant, if not somewhat misleading, scale. Provided you are careful not to place foods too close to the screen (which will result in inaccurate measurements), you can easily ensure you get the data you need in imperial or metric.

We appreciate the design, as well as the dedicated low battery indicator, which aids in improving scale accuracy. However, we can’t help but feel that some of the functionality was lost (remove commas and though) in some of the design choices, such as unintuitive controls as well as how easy it can be to incorrectly measure weight. Still, we recommend the Etekcity Multifunction EK6211 for those who need a scale that balances design with features.


  • Great design
  • Highly durable
  • Clear, bright LED display
  • Very precise
  • Low battery indicator


  • Weak warranty
  • Design can cause inaccurate measurements
  • Lacks intuitive operation

Following in the footsteps of the My Weigh Bakers and OXO scale is the Ozeri Pronto ZK14-S, which is another two-button scale that wants to keep things simple and clean. The Pronto is designed with a large, chrome scale that comes with a slight lip to keep granular foods at bay. You’ll also be happy to utilize the automatic weight conversion feature, which can quickly toggle between the five most common units of measurement. No extra calculations needed.

We appreciate the larger screen and low overall cost, although we wish a scale with so many units of measurement offered a clearer method to access the information. Still, we believe that most owners would appreciate this product for most common measurements in the kitchen. We recommend the Ozeri Pronto ZK14-S for affordability and overall functionality.


  • Automatic unit button
  • Extra large screen
  • Great for granular measurements
  • High scale capacity
  • Affordable


  • Could be more precise
  • Lacks intuitive controls

The Etekcity Multifunction EK4150 utilizes a design that’s versatile and reminiscent of the old analog scales.. It comes with a dedicated 2.15L bowl that can be removed for easy cleaning but also effectively locks onto the scale plate to make measurements of your favorite fruits and veggies a pinch.

We also greatly appreciate the design focusing on advanced features, such as temperature reading and a dedicated alarm. These make it easy to remove excess appliances from the kitchen counter to make more room for the ingredients and recipe books you need to cook the perfect dinner.

While the design is great and the capacity high, a lack of total precision does hold this product back from being an immediate frontrunner. Likewise, we would have preferred AC operation for a product that offers many features like this. Regardless, we recommend the Etekcity Multifunction EK4150 for those who weigh coffee grinds and vegetables.


  • Included bowl
  • High capacity
  • High weight limit
  • Built-in temperature sensor
  • Included alarm


  • Weak warranty
  • Could be more precise
  • No AC power option

Our final kitchen scale pick is also the only scale on our list to utilize the tried-and-true analog design. The Taylor Analog 3710-21 won’t require wires or batteries to operate. Instead, internal mechanisms are able to measure your foods to a precision of 50 grams. In some cases, you’ll also be able to guesstimate further, so if precision isn’t your complete focus,then this may be a product for you.

We appreciate the removable stainless steel bowl, which could also double as a mixing bowl if needed. Calibration is also as simple as turning a few knobs; although calculating tare weight will require a bit of ingenuity on your part. The Taylor Analog scale will succumb the same weaknesses as other analog scales—namely, a lack of precision, general bulkiness, and top-heavy design. If you prefer analog scales and don’t mind a bit of guesswork, then Taylor provides a low-cost and high-value solution.


  • No electricity required
  • Sturdy and industrial design
  • High capacity
  • Removable bowl
  • Easy calibration


  • Weak warranty
  • Not very precise
  • Ineffective for light or granular measurements

Scale for Your Kitchen Buyer’s Guide

Each of these ten scales offers features and functionality that we think could benefit most owners. Only you know the types of features you need, so to help you narrow down our ten picks of  the perfect scale for you, we think that you should consider the following before making a purchase:

Grams, Ounces, or Pounds

For just about every kitchen scale on our list, you’ll need to uncover just what type of measuring scale loaded onto the computer or marked on the analog scale. You’ll often see measurements in the following increments: grams, ounces, and pounds.

Grams are the most commonly seen and can tend to be the default for many scales. This metric scale is usually best for European countries and beyond, although some United States recipes tend to utilize grams for their measurements. Ounces and pounds, on the other hand, stem from the imperial system. With sixteen ounces constituting one pound, it’s clear that a scale with one measurement also is also capable of the other.

Ounces, in this case, are also not to be confused with fluid ounces. Just as much as one pound is not equivalent to one pint, one ounce has little in common with fluid ounces. If you live in a household that solely uses one type of measuring system, then we strongly recommend seeking out a kitchen scale capable of handling that system. Nothing is more frustrating than using a kitchen scale along with a calculator, so when in doubt, go for the kitchen scale that offers the greatest amounts of measuring systems and categories.  

Capacity & Accuracy

Most kitchen scales have to leverage a sort of “trade-off” between two important factors of their operation: the overall capacity, and the accuracy of the device. Generally speaking, the higher the capacity of a scale, the more intermediate weights become possible. For a scale that offers 1 gram of accuracy and 100 grams of capacity, there are only 100 possible weights to measure. If the scale is accurate to the nearest tenth of a gram, then that number jumps to 1000.

That’s why you’ll often see the best accuracy with the lowest capacity, as well as vice versa. Hanging scales tend to provide an execution to the rule but tend to have the least amount of possible uses in the modern kitchen. We recommend paying close attention not only to the accuracy and capacity of a product but the size and shape of the platform itself. These metrics will help show you what sort of products can be measured by the kitchen scale, as well as what sort of measurements aren’t in the cards for your prospective choice.

Digital, Analog, or Hanging

There are three types of kitchen scales that have made our list: digital, analog, and hanging. Each of the three major types provides some benefits and weaknesses to their operation, which is why they are important to go over before committing to a scale based on cost alone.

Digital scales are the most common used in kitchens today, and can be found both with an AC adaptor or batteries for power. These scales are incredibly precise, but usually, offer low weight limits and tend to be too small to handle larger products. Analog scales may be the type of scale you are most familiar with. Most supermarkets utilize analog scales to help their customers uncover the weight of the product they are purchasing. Analog scales can carry the most amount of weight, but there is little option to uncover the tare weight or measure out liquids.

The final type of scale can actually be found in digital or analog versions. Hanging scales can handle the maximum amount of weight overall, and are designed to best measure the weight of products far bigger than others. Accuracy and ease of use, however, are both negatively affected by the design choices. For a better overall understanding of the differences and similarities between digital, analog, and hanging scales, consider the following:

Digital Scales
  • Incredible accuracy
  • Tend to offer advanced features
  • Are precise with tare weight
  • Best for small objects and fine powders
  • Often the most expensive
  • Can be too small for weight certain objects
  • Generally, have a low weight limit
  • Can come with unsightly wires or burn through batteries.
Analog Scales
  • Do not require batteries or power outlets
  • Best for fruits, vegetables, and round objects
  • Highly durable and long-lasting
  • Not very precise
  • Can be difficult to access the tare weight of an object
  • Bulky and heavy
  • Some versions can be top-heavy
Hanging Scales
  • Highest weight limit currently available
  • Small and portable
  • Often the least expensive
  • Best for large, heavy objects
  • Often the least precise
  • Not great for smaller objects or liquid mass measuring
  • Generally the least versatile for the kitchen


What does the “tare” button do on my scale?

The tare button on a kitchen scale, as well as on any other digital measuring apparatus, refers to tare weight. Tare weight is the weight of the ingredients or substances inside of a vessel, without measuring the vessel itself. For example, the weight of a bowl full of apples may be 4 pounds, but the tare weight will remove the weight of the bowl. Therefore, the tare weight of a bowl of apples might be 3.5 pounds.

To correctly assess the tare weight of your ingredients, first place the bowl, basket, or other measuring container onto the scale with nothing inside of it. Then, press the tare button, or turn your scale off and on so that the display reads a flat zero for weight. Finally, add in the ingredients to uncover the tare weight.

Do I need to buy batteries for my scale?

The kitchen scales on our list either require an AC power adapter (included) or the use of one or more batteries. Be sure to check out our Overview to uncover which kitchen scale will require which power method.

Unless the scale has an LED backlight, you can expect battery-powered scales to last several months to a few years without needing to swap them out. Some owners are not interested in unsightly cables, so be sure to choose the kitchen scale that best suits your needs.  

Does the shape of the kitchen scale really matter?

As far as precision and accuracy are concerned, shape doesn’t matter in the slightest when it comes to a kitchen scale. What is important, however, is that the kitchen scale’s shape best matches what you plan to use the scale for.

For example, rounded scales will be more efficient at measuring out bowlfuls of liquids, while rectangular scales will be more efficient at measuring out large, irregular objects such as diced fruits or vegetables. And of course, the amount of surface area you’re working with plays just as much of a factor as the shape of the scale itself.

Final Thoughts

Generally speaking, any one of our ten scales could provide the features and functionality you need. We can come to a few general conclusions about which of these kitchen scales will be the best for you. We think the American Weigh Scales AMW-SC-2KG is going to provide the best all-around experience for most owners. While the capacity is somewhat low, few scales are as consistently precise and long-lasting. However, if you need a stronger focus on unique features, then it’s hard to pass up either the Etekcity Multifunction EK6211 or the Greater Goods Nourish 0451 models. These both provide unique experiences that take the traditional functionality of a kitchen scale and turn them on their head.

If capacity is your singular focus, then the American Weigh Scales H-110 0451 is going to beat out the competition by several orders. This model is also highly affordable, which could also be a good reason to opt for it. Always be sure to consider the features and functionality of your prospective kitchen scale before purchasing it. While a poor scale will make its way to your next yard sale sooner rather than later, a dedicated scale will make sure your meals are perfect for years to come.

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