If you’re concerned about the quality of your tap water, a Brita pitcher offers an easy way to enjoy great-tasting water at home. After extensive research, our top choice is the Brita Large Water Pitcher. Offering a 10 cup capacity, it comes complete with a Longlast filter for superior filtration that can endure for an impressive six-months before requiring replacement. 

Interested to learn which other pitchers made the cut? Read on to find out all you need to know about our favorite models.

  • 10 cup volume
  • Includes long-lasting filter
  • Filter recharge indicator sticker
  • 6 month/120 gallon filter life
  • Removes chlorine, copper, cadmium, zinc and mercury impurities

  • Filter-As-You-Pour technology
  • Electronic filter indicator
  • Removes chlorine
  • 40 gallon/2 month lifespan
  • Large 10 cup capacity

  • Five cup capacity
  • Removes copper, cadmium, chlorine and mercury
  • Electronic filter indicator
  • Includes a standard 40-gallon filter
  • Lightweight design

The Brita Large Water Pitcher is our best overall pick thanks to its generous capacity, easy-to-use design and long-lasting filter. With a ten-cup volume, this makes it an ideal model for large families.

One of the main advantages of this flip-top model is that it comes complete with a Longlast filter that only needs changing every six months. This means you won’t have to worry about changing the filter regularly nor keeping a large stock of replacements. It also comes with a filter recharge indicator sticker, which is a helpful and easy way to see at a glance just when you need to change your filter. 

On the downside, this Brita pitcher does take a while to filter water through to the jug, so you may need to spend a few minutes filling it. In addition, when it comes to pouring out the last glass or two, you may find that the filter becomes dislodged due to the increased pouring angle. While it may take longer to fill, the results are worth it. The included filter has superior filtration abilities, efficiently reducing chlorine, copper, cadmium, zinc and mercury for great-tasting water without any hassle. As an added benefit, the pitcher itself is BPA free, so you can be sure the water you’re drinking is pure and healthy.


  • Large capacity is perfect for family gatherings
  • Easily fits in your refrigerator door shelves
  • Flip-top design for easy filling
  • Long filter life requires less frequent changes
  • BPA-free plastic
  • Removes a variety of common water impurities


  • Takes a while for water to filter
  • Filter may come loose during use

The Brita Rapids Stream is an excellent model which makes filtering your tap water much faster thanks to its Filter-As-You-Pour technology. 

Instead of waiting for your water to filter into your pitcher, with this innovative model you can simply fill the reservoir with water and it will filter your water as you pour it into your glass. Just bear in mind that the Stream filters are more expensive than regular Brita filters and they also have a lower performance in terms of reducing impurities other than chlorine. 

With its large 10 cup capacity, the Brita Rapids Stream is suitable for large households, family gatherings or simply those who like to drink a lot of water. With its easy-fill locking lid, refilling is quick and easy, but you may find that the last third of your pitcher pours considerably slower than when it is full. Another great feature of this new Brita pitcher is its electronic filter indicator, so you won’t have to worry about forgetting when you need to change your filter. 


  • Water is filtered as you pour
  • Large capacity pitcher means fewer refills
  • Compact enough to fit in the fridge door for simple chilled water
  • Electronic filter indicator ensures you never forget to change it
  • Made from recyclable materials


  • Stream filters are more expensive
  • Last third of water filters through slowly
  • Lower performance filter

If you are looking for a low-cost Brita pitcher, check out the Brita Small – our best compact pick. With its handy five-cup capacity, this compact model is perfect for couples or those who live alone. It’s lighter and easier to pour when full, making it a great choice if you suffer from hand or wrist problems. 

This pitcher also benefits from Brita’s space-efficient design, making it suitable to store in your refrigerator door for chilled filtered water. It has a useful electronic filter indicator so you’ll know just when you need to replace your filter. A standard 40-gallon filter is included with this model and should comfortably last for around two months.

While the locking lid stays securely in place, bear in mind that this model does not benefit from a flip-up top. So, if you tend to drink a lot of water and refill frequently, you may wish to opt for the Brita Rapids Stream Pitcher rather than having to remove the lid every time. Like most standard Brita pitchers, this model can be a little slow to filter when you refill. As this is a smaller size, though, it won’t take as long as the larger capacity models.


  • Compact size is perfect for individuals or couples
  • Lightweight & easy to pour
  • Electronic filter indicator ensures you won’t miss a filter change
  • Locking lid prevents spills
  • Small enough to easily fit in the fridge


  • Need to remove top to fill
  • Slow to filter

Comparison Chart

Brita Large 10 Cup Pitcher Brita Rapids Stream PitcherBrita Small 5 Cup
Dimensions (in)17 x 12.1 x 7.411 x 5.4 x 16.49.8 x 4.5 x 9.4
Filter TypeLong LastingStreamStandard
Capacity10 cup10 cup5 cup
Filter Lifespan (gal)1204040
Filter Lifespan (months)622
Flip-top X
Impurities Removedchlorine, copper, cadmium, zinc and mercuryChlorinecopper, cadmium, chlorine and mercury.
Compatible Filter TypesStandard/LonglastingStreamStandard
Filter Change IndicatorStickerElectronicElectronic
Locking LidX
Weight (lbs)2.912.21.15

Buyer’s Guide:

Brita Pitcher

The manner in which your Brita filter works depends on the type of filter you are using. 

Standard Brita filters use various means to remove particles, odors, and tastes from your water through the following steps:

  1. As water travels through the filter, first a layer of mesh removes any larger particles which may be present. 
  2. Then an activated carbon filter works to absorb impurities such as chlorine and mercury. 
  3. Lastly, the water flows through a special resin which uses a process known as ‘ion-exchange’ to attract and trap any remaining contaminants and heavy metals 

If you opt for a Longlast filter, you will also benefit from Brita’s patented ‘pleated media’ that is embedded with special filtering agents. These pleats provide a greater surface area for filtration, meaning that your Longlast filter is capable of effectively filtering 120 gallons of water before needing to be replaced.

Brita Stream filters use a dual-layer carbon foam to improve taste and odor by effectively trapping chlorine as the water flows through.

Filter Type


When you opt for a standard filter, you’ll need to replace it around every two months, or every 40 gallons. Standard Brita filters reduce the amount of copper, mercury, and cadmium that could be in your tap water. They can also reduce the taste and odor of chlorine and the metallic taste of zinc. 


Specially designed to last for up to six months before needing to be replaced, Longlast Brita filters take the hassle out of remembering to stock up on and change your filters every two months. They are also certified to remove 99% of lead from your tap water, as well as reducing chlorine, copper, mercury, zinc and cadmium.


These filters are designed to quickly filter as you pour, eliminating the initial filtration wait time that you have with the other two types when filling your reservoir. Stream filters last as long as standard ones, but they are more expensive.

Filter Indicator 

Sometimes it’s hard to remember exactly when you last changed your filter. Whether you opt for a sticker indicator or an electronic one, in either case you will have a helpful reminder on your pitcher. 

If you’re prone to forgetfulness, an electronic indicator could be the best choice for you. Not only do they track the health of the filter automatically, but you won’t have to remember to replace or mark the sticker to keep track of when you last changed it.

  • How do I clean my Brita pitcher?
  • Brita pitchers are extremely easy to clean. Simply remove the lid and filter. Set the filter aside and proceed to rinse out the reservoir and lid with mild dish soap. You can also use a dishcloth or brush. Once you have washed your pitcher, be sure to rinse it thoroughly under running water. Before using your washed pitcher and changing the filter, make sure that your lid and reservoir are completely dry. It is preferable to air dry your pitcher or to use paper towels to reduce the risk of contamination from kitchen cloths.

  • I am going on vacation abroad. Can I use it to filter overseas tap water?
  • While Brita is a leading water filtration brand, they do not recommend using their products with other water systems that could be of much lower quality. Always check the official advice for the water quality where you are traveling. If there are any doubts, purchase bottled water from a reputable brand and store.

Final Thoughts

Providing yourself and your family with safe drinking water is an important priority. With that in mind, it’s clear to see that using a Brita pitcher can make life a whole lot easier by saving you time, money, and hassle.

Although we appreciate the speed of the filter-as-you-pour Brita Rapids Stream Pitcher, our top pick has to be the Brita Longlast Large Pitcher. It may not fill as quickly as the Stream, but its high-quality, long-lasting filter only needs changing once every six months and its large 10-cup capacity to cut down on refills make it perfect for busy households. 

That said, if you’d rather not wait for your water to be ready to drink, the Brita Rapids Stream Pitcher is a much faster option. Simply fill up and serve, safe in the knowledge that any unwanted chlorine taste or odor will be filtered out as you pour. You should bear in mind, though, that while this pitcher is a time-saver, the quality of filtration is lower than that of our top pick

Lastly, for those who prefer a low-cost, no-frills approach, the Brita Small 5 Cup could be the right fit for your needs. Offering a standard filter and lightweight, compact design, this Brita pitcher makes a great choice for individuals or couples looking to enjoy great-tasting water on a budget. 

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