Hosting for the Holidays

Tips For Maintaining Indoor Air Quality During The Holidays

The holidays are a time for loved ones to come together. Regardless of whether it is just you and your closest family or a gaggle of distant relatives joining in, you’ll want your home to be as clean and inviting as possible. One of the best ways to do this is to regulate indoor air quality. Having clean air at home means no musty odors, no floating pet hairs, and keeping dust at a minimum. Below are 3 tips to help you achieve clean air during the holidays so that you and your family can celebrate while surrounded with healthier indoor air.

3 Tips to Maintain Indoor Air Quality

1. Leave your shoes at the door

Shoes and other footwear worn outside can transport pollen, dust, debris, and other pollutants into your home. These pollutants automatically get invited to your party when you allow your guests to wear their shoes inside. If you’re expecting a lot of guests this holiday season, you’ll probably want to establish a “no shoes inside” policy. Have a shoe-rack placed outside for your guests to leave their shoes on and have a doormat on which they can wipe their feet.

2. Keep your home ventilated

If you’re hosting a party, you’ll want your home to be well-ventilated. A poorly ventilated home is at a higher risk of condensation and mold, both of which cause musty odors. Preventing this problem is simple: keep a few windows open. This easily encourages a good exchange of indoor and outdoor air. It also keeps a home energy-efficient, healthy, and safe.

If you want to take your ventilation efforts a step further, you can buy some plants for your home like aloe vera, ferns, or English ivy. Aside from beautifying your home, they can also absorb pollutants and add oxygen to your indoor environment.

3. Switch out your filters

If you have a HVAC system running at home, part of your party preparations should involve checking your HVAC filters and switching them out if necessary. Over time, your HVAC filters will eventually become saturated with pollutants and lose their efficiency. Aside from decreasing indoor air quality, your HVAC system will start working harder than usual and will also consume more energy.

Summer and winter are peak seasons in which your HVAC system is working very hard to regulate temperatures at home. It’s during these seasons that you’ll want to check on your filters for saturation or build up. To determine how often you should change your HVAC filters, check out this guide from FilterBuy.

Whether preparing for a party or just a quiet night at home with your family, indoor air quality should always be a top priority. As the holiday season draws near, make your home as safe and clean as possible by taking a few extra steps to improve indoor air quality. Your family — and your guests — will thank you for it!

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