Landscape Design
Landscape Design: Make The Most of Your Outside Space | HTH 010
This week, Mike Pyle joins Aaron and Tracy to discuss everything landscape design. We find out what homeowners should consider before starting their project, how to maximise a small outside space, and which plants you should choose for a beautiful yard.
Financing Your Remodel
Financing Your Remodel: What are the Options? | HTH 009
This week, Javier Ruiz from New American Funding joins Aaron and Tracy to discuss all you need to know about financing a home remodel. We talk about cost estimation, how to decide the best financing options for you and which rooms will hit your budget
Interior Design: Creating Your Dream Space | HTH 008
Leigh Lincoln & Aly Morford from Pure Salt Interiors join Aaron & Tracy this week to give us their top interior design tips! We discuss how best to approach a space, which colors provide a timeless palette, and how to effectively combine style, simplicity and