Freezers are a necessity in most kitchens, but not every home uses enough freezer space to require a dedicated upright or chest freezer. Smaller freezers that either stand freely or fit underneath the counter are becoming increasingly popular for their ease of use and simple design.

This article reviews the top five best small freezers to save space in your home or apartment and also discusses a few of the considerations you should make to find out which of these options is best for you.

Top 5 Small Freezers to Save Space

  • Comes in a variety of sizes to best fit any space
  • Includes quick freeze shelves and environmentally friendly refrigerant
  • Spacious interior is one of the largest on our list
  • Comes with an 18-month limited warranty

  • Small and sleek design easily fits in with modern decor
  • The perfect size for singles and studio apartments
  • Great thermostat offers effective control over the internal temperature
  • Includes a 1-year limited warranty

  • Comes in three colors to best match your space
  • Uses both shelves and a basket to keep food organized
  • Legs adjust for perfect balance
  • Comes with a 1-year full warranty

  • Premium build quality and optional built-in design like this is the best freezer for modern kitchens
  • Internal lighting and digital thermostat keep cooling food storage modern and efficient
  • Audible alarms tell you when the temperature is rising above safe levels
  • Includes a 1-year parts & labor warranty and a 5-year compressor warranty

  • Clean and handless design can be opened from whichever side you prefer
  • Comes in three different colors and 4 sizes to adjust to any room needs
  • Wire shelves can be easily removed and cleaned
  • Comes with a 1-year parts & labor warranty and a 5-year compressor warranty

Finding the right size freezer right off of the bat can be difficult, but Danby’s multiple options and simple design choices make this small freezer a standout right off of the bat. The Danby DUFM032A1WDB comes either in the standard capacity of 3.2 cubic feet or can be purchased in increments all the way up to 8 cubic feet. We found that this mid-sized model offers the best bang for the buck.

We appreciate the quick freeze shelves and reversible door, which are both features that apartment owners tend to appreciate. We would have appreciated easier access to the thermostat, but beyond that this design is relatively problem-free. If you need a standard freezer that you can purchase in the exact increment you need, then this Danby unit may be just what you need.


  • Comes in several different sizes
  • Includes reversible door
  • Includes adjustable thermostat
  • Large capacity


  • Hard to access thermostat adjustment

This Whynter CUF-110B unit is great for bargain-hunters because it is at the bottom of our pick’s price points while still providing features that even the higher-end models can’t. This model is a nearly cuboid freezer which comes in standard black or stainless steel, making it a good choice for those who want a certain aesthetic flair to their space.

The internal thermostat is easy to adjust and allows users to freeze their food across 12 different degrees to ensure the perfect temperature. While the size works for smaller homes, it might not offer adequate capacity for larger storage. For example, fitting even a few frozen pizzas might be a challenge. Provided you don’t mind some creative organization, though, you can get a lot of mileage out of this low-cost unit.


  • Very affordable
  • Multiple design options
  • Easy-to-use thermostat
  • Reversible door
  • Locking design


  • Small capacity
  • Can be unstable

Boasting a fair amount of options between the three models, the Midea WHS-109FW1 unit is big enough to handle lots of storage needs. This model includes two adjustable shelving units as well as a basket so that food can be stored wherever it best fits. Also included are a reversible door, mechanical temperature adjustment, large-ranging thermostat, and full Energy Star certification.

While this unit runs perfectly for most stations, we do wish more features were included for the price. Likewise, the internal walls taper just enough to make it a struggle to fit in boxes. Nevertheless, the design choices are some of the best you’d get in this price range, and we can easily recommend this freezer to smaller homes and apartments that need dedicated freezing space.


  • Great internal organization
  • Multiple design options
  • Reversible door
  • Large thermostat range
  • Very stable temperature control


  • Somewhat frustrating interior design
  • Somewhat expensive

There is so much different about this small Summit SCFF53BSS freezer than our other picks, it’s almost difficult to pick just a few features to discuss. Featuring a premium steel build quality, all-black interior with LED lighting, frost-free operation, and even an alarm to alert you that you left the door open, there is almost no other freezer like this one.

We are particularly a fan of both the frost-free operation as well as the fan-powered cooling system, which is a must-have for built-in freezers that cannot be efficiently defrosted manually. Plus, at 4.72 cubic feet, there’s not going to be an issue storing drinks, snacks, desserts, and more in here. Of course, these features come at a serious cost, and this Summit freezer will cost you more than all the other freezers on our list combined. Provided you’re willing to front the cost, Summit has knocked it out of the park with this creation.


  • Largest capacity
  • Premium build quality
  • LED lighting and alarm system
  • Digital thermostat
  • Automatic defrost functionality


  • Very expensive
  • No reversible door

The Magic Chef MCUF3S2 is a well-warranted and sizable unit that manages to maximize interior space relative to the footprint of the product itself. This model can be purchased in a variety of colors and sizes to ensure that no inch of space in your home goes wasted. The  wire shelving and simple manual defrost make it easy to keep the unit clean, and the internal thermostat proves to be accurate to labeling.

There seems to be some sort of quality control issue when it comes to the rubber seal, as frequent icing has been reported in some units. The warranty, however, will more than cover any issues, and the reversible door also allows homeowners to experiment with the right approach for them. We’d recommend this Magic Chef model to maximize space and keep costs low.


  • Multiple design options
  • Reversible door
  • Easily maintained
  • Small relative to capacity
  • Large thermostat range
  • Great warranty


  • Some quality control issues reported
  • Tends to ice over quickly

Small Freezers to Save Space Buyer’s Guide

Each of these five small freezers comes with features and options that could appeal to some. To pick out the perfect small freezer to save space in your home, we think it is important that you consider the following before clicking purchase:


Defrosting your freezer, large or small, is vital to ensuring long-term quality. Over time, the condensate in the air that enters the freezer when the door is opened will begin to clog up space, reduce capacity, and in some cases, prevent the freezer from working properly due to the blockage of vital components.

If you need to defrost your freezer, unplug it and leave it until all of the internal ice has melted away. This will prevent your freezer from losing space or years off of its lifespan because ice has found its way into vital components. This also gives you an opportunity to empty out bad or expired items that may have been overstaying their welcome.

How much space do I need?

Space, especially when talking about smaller freezers, is a tricky subject. People use their freezers for different reasons, so every family and household will approach space in a different way.

For multiple family members, we recommend sticking with the Danby or Summit freezer, which gives more than enough room for food and frozen treats, while offering enough storage space to keep things organized. For smaller apartments, dorms, and singles, you may want to consider a smaller freezer like the Whynter unit. While the size difference isn’t drastically different than the other smaller freezers on our list, for some homes every square inch counts.


Finally, it’s important to discuss the temperature of the freezer itself. For many of our picks, controlling the temperature of the freezer is as simple as turning a dial. This will allow homeowners to keep the freezer relatively warm for holding spirits and liquor, or very cold for quick cooling products or holding meat and other perishables.

Generally speaking, we think that the more control you have over the temperature of the freezer, the better. Not all smaller freezers include this option, so if you’re hoping to ensure that your freezer is precisely as you’d like it to be, we’d recommend steering clear of automatic options.


Do I need to defrost my freezer?

Each of the small freezers featured on our list will require manual defrosting. For those unaware, freezers without frost-detecting features will begin to frost up with ice over time. This is because warm air entering the freezer when the door is opened often contains condensate which cools down and attaches to the freezer itself.

To defrost your freezer, empty out the freezer entirely, unplug it, and take it to a place where water can easily drain. Allow the inside of the freezer to completely melt and ensure that the freezer is totally dry on the inside before installing it back into regular use.

How do I reverse the door on my freezer?

To reverse your freezer door, first ensure that your freezer came with the necessary parts to reverse the door as stipulated in the owner’s manual. Next, remove the brackets on the top and bottom of the freezer door.

You’ll then replace these brackets onto the other side of the freezer door to move the door’s hinge. For some refrigerators, this may also mean using a flathead screwdriver to pop off the covers placed onto the bracket holes and moving them to the other side. Finally, you should be able to tighten down the brackets using the correct screw or socket. Always be sure to reverse the door either before your first operation or after completely defrosting the unit, if applicable.

How long can I store food in my freezer?

The length of time your food can be stored in your freezer will vary wildly based on the type of food you’re hoping to store. For example, if you want to store meat, you can probably keep the uncooked product for a few months before freezer burn kicks in.

Generally speaking, unless the food is a TV dinner or other prepared meal with a dedicated expiration date, you can keep food for several months to a year. Just be sure to check for signs of freezer burn, such as dry, cracked, and leathery portions of food.

Final Thoughts

While we think our picks here represent some of the best products in this niche but helpful freezer category, there is no denying that a few features go a lot further than premium build quality or reversible doors. Smaller freezers need to hold the most food in the smallest footprint possible and balance efficiency with overall durability and quality.

Keeping this in mind, it’s clear that the Danby model is the best overall small freezer for families and businesses. If you don’t need as much space and want to save some money, the Whynter fridge is about as small as a freezer gets without losing out on extras like thermostat control and a reversible door.

If you need a built-in solution and don’t want to deal with manual defrosting, then Summit offers one of the only small freezers available. It may be expensive, but for your home remodeling, the aesthetic difference and advanced features may be well worth the price tag.

Whichever model you might pick, we hope that your next freezer saves you on energy bills, keeps your food and drinks chilled, and, most importantly, allows you to use the rest of your living space to its fullest possible potential.

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