Best Cordless Vacuums

Best Cordless Vacuums
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Corded | Battery Battery | 60 min
Charging Time 3.5 hours
Filter HEPA
Weight 5.88 lbs
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Corded | Battery Battery | 30 min
Charging Time 3.5 hours
Filter Washable Foam
Weight 8.7 lbs
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Corded | Battery Battery | 15-20 min
Charging Time 3 hours
Filter Washable Foam
Weight 7.3 lbs
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Corded | Battery Battery | 25 -40 minutes
Charging Time 4-5 hours
Filter HEPA
Weight 4.7 lbs


The biggest hassle with a corded vacuum is the cord itself. Lugging a bulky vacuum cleaner from room to room searching for sockets to plug into can take a lot of time, and more often than not vacuum cords can become a tripping hazard if you’re not careful.

Though corded vacuums usually offer more suction power for deep cleaning than their cordless cousins, modern technology has allowed for more powerful and long-lasting cordless vacuum units. There are a lot of great cordless vacuum cleaners to choose from out in the market these days, so HowtoHome did the research and pulled together a list of some of the best cordless vacuum cleaners that you’ll find today. Read on to compare and contrast models as you work toward selecting the best model for your home.


Strong Suction Stick & Handheld | Battery 60 mins | Bagless |  HEPA Filter | 5.88 lbs

Premium cordless vacuum with suction power adequately strong to almost rival the siphoning power of its corded upright cousins. Hygienic, powerful, and most of all, versatile, the Dyson Cyclone V10 makes cleaning quick and easy.


  • Multiple power modes  
  • Can deep clean homes with pets 
  • Versatile and maneuverable
  • Can turn into stick vacuum and handheld vacuum
  • Long lasting battery
  • Whole machine HEPA filtration
  • Lightweight
  • Sizeable dust bin 


  • Unit is costly
  • Doesn’t have interchangeable batteries


  • Attachments: interchangeable soft roller head, torque head, combination tool, and crevice tool
  • Instant-release trigger  
  • Cyclone technology
  • nickel-cobalt-aluminum battery
  • Three power modes
  • “Point and shoot” dustbin emptying mechanism
  • 2-year warranty on parts & labor 

The Dyson Cyclone V10 is one of the strongest cordless vacuums available in the market. The newest model in Dyson’s vacuum line, the Cyclone V10 takes the best of the Dyson V8 and makes it even better.

The V10 also has a much stronger battery compared to older Dyson models, with up to 60 minutes of maximum runtime (which drops to 35 minutes of cleaning when the unit’s motorized cleaning head is used and 11 minutes when unit is put on max power mode). The V10 also brings 150 air watts in suction power. That’s just 50 air watts shy of the suction power of a corded upright vacuum cleaner and 35 more air watts as compared to the suction power of the V8. Moreover, the V10 also doesn’t take that long to charge, needing only 3.5 hours of charging. The unit’s instant release trigger also makes sure that the vacuum is only using battery when the unit is directly in use, helping you make the best of your cleaning runtime.

While stronger motors usually mean a noisier home during cleaning time, the Cyclone V10 is actually acoustically engineered with improved airflow, reducing the noise that comes from the unit. This Dyson can also easily turn into a handheld vacuum.  With the various tools that come with the unit, it becomes a great tool for cleaning areas above the floor. The combination and crevice tools are both useful when reaching for the ceiling or for the tops of furniture.

The vacuum’s various appendages also make the Cyclone V10 a great tool for any kind of surface or material. Dust, odd-shaped crumbs, cat litter, hair – the vacuum’s pretty great at picking up all kinds of mess. Got a hardwood floor to clean? Use the Cyclone V10’s soft head roller. Need to vacuum the carpet? Bring out the torque head.

Dyson Cyclone V10 also comes with three different power modes to help clean your home – regular, medium and strong. While these three modes can be useful to homes with varying degrees of messiness, the strong mode of the Cyclone V10 barely comes into use. Reviewers note that the regular mode is adequately powerful for heavy cleaning already, effectively picking up piles of oatmeal and chunks of cookies at a pretty great pace. What is more, people suffering from allergies are going to love the cleaning ability of the Cyclone V10. With a fully-sealed HEPA filtration system, the unit captures 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns.

Of course, as with any product, the unit does have its downsides. Not only does Dyson fail to offer interchangeable batteries to add more to the unit’s cleaning time, the Cyclone V10 is pricey. Engineer James Dyson, however, has claimed that the battery of the Cyclone V10 can last up to 15 years, beating the short 2 year lifespan of the Dsyon V8. The maintenance cost of replacing batteries can add up over the years. With the long-lasting battery of the Cyclone V10 you get to save on battery replacement costs. 

All in all, the Cyclone V10 is a great choice if you want a premium cordless vacuum. While this is an excellent vacuum, some might prefer the Dyson V8, which comes with a lower price, less run time, and a smaller dirt bin.

Stick & Hand Held | Battery 30 mins | Bagless | Washable Foam Filter | 8.7 lbs |  Strong Suction

The Shark IONFlex is a powerful cordless vacuum with features its rivals haven’t really considered. The only stick and handheld vacuum that can free-stand without leaning on walls, this cordless unit’s MultiFlex technology makes it easy for you to get into those hard-to-reach spaces underneath furniture.


  • Powerful suction
  • Removable battery to double cleaning time
  • Can turn into stick vacuum and hand vacuum
  • MultiFlex technology allows user to reach deeper under furniture
  • DuoClean Technology cleans both carpets and bare floors
  • LED Headlights
  • Freestanding


  • Considerably heavy for a cordless vacuum
  •  Small dustbin
  • Batteries need to cool down before recharging
  •  Filtration system isn’t up to HEPA standards


  • 2 removable lithium ion batteries 
  • Attachments: crevice tool, dusting brush, wide upholstery tool,anti-allergen dust brush 
  • Different settings for carpets or hardwood floors
  • LED Headlights
  • Multiflex technology
  • 5 year limited warranty

Shark has stepped up their game with a new cordless vacuum that poses as a stiff competition to Dyson and offers some features which its rival misses. A powerful cordless vacuum, the Shark IONFlex DuoClean IF201 comes with a 300w motor that offers an estimate of 100 air watts in suction power. The unit is also the only stick vacuum capable of standing on its own. This feature allows you to take breaks without having to struggle to lean the vacuum somewhere, and it also allows for efficient storage.

One of the other highlights of this vacuum is its removable lithium ion battery. On its own, one battery can provide you about 20 to 30 minutes of cleaning. The IF201 comes with two batteries and an external charger, allowing you to charge one while using the other. That means you don’t have to wait as long when you’re doing heavy-duty cleaning.

The IONFlex DuoClean also offers a lot of versatility with its different tools, allowing you to reach every space of your home. Turning from stick vacuum to handheld, you can use the ION Flex to clean areas that are difficult to reach like the ceiling and the tops of cabinets just by attaching the dust brush or the crevice tool to the tip of the vacuum stick. If you need to clean your car, you can take the stick out and use the vacuum as a handheld along with the various attachments. Its Multiflex technology also allows you to get deeper into furniture, and its bendable wand lets you reach for spaces underneath furniture that other vacuums can’t reach. The Shark IONFlex also has LED headlights which are great to use when vacuuming under dark spaces and can be helpful for the visually impaired.

Another convenient feature of the Shark IONFlex is its control settings. Located on the very top of the vacuum’s handle, you can pick from four different settings for vacuuming: the bare floor mode for smooth surfaces, the carpet mode for carpets, the high power mode for strong suction, and the low power mode for regular cleaning.

DuoClean technology is also one of the Shark IONFlex DuoClean’s highlights. Most vacuums come with a single roller motorhead.The IonFlex, however, comes with two – a bristle brush and a soft brush roller – both help pull in dust and debris from the floor and into the vacuum. While this makes the vacuum great for cleaning up rice, flour, cereal, oatmeal, pet hair and all kinds of dirt on hard surfaces, the IONFlex does have a bit of a problem with certain material on carpets. The vacuum does exceptionally well deep-cleaning carpets with its 300w motor, however tests done on the vacuum show that the IONFlex has a bit of trouble picking up material like oatmeal on carpets, leaving behind some trace of the material on the surface.

The unit also performs better when you edge the vacuum along the wall, as it sometimes leaves bits of debris and dust when you clear mess head on into the wall. There’s also a little debris left behind when dragging the vacuum back. However, the nuisance doesn’t really distract from the overall performance of the unit because you can use the vacuum’s attachments for the edges.

The IONFlex Vacuum also tends to be top-heavy and when you use the unit as a handheld vacuum you really feel the vacuum’s weight. Reviewers don’t really like the design of the handheld option of the unit because of its weight placement, and many say that they can’t use the handheld mode for too long.

Battery charging on the IONFlex can also be tricky – reviewers complain that they have to let the vacuum’s battery cool down for about 30 minutes before they can start charging again. The cordless vacuum’s charger is also limited to one battery per charge, forcing users to charge batteries one at a time. You can purchase an additional ION Powerpack charging system or an ION Power Pack Double Charger from Shark’s website, but this makes for an added cost to consider. Filtration efficiency is also an issue with the Shark IONFlex. Though the cordless vacuum comes with a washable pre-motor foam and a felt filter to trap pebble-sized debris and fine particles of dust, the Shark IONFlex’s filter system isn’t up to HEPA standards. Those sensitive to dust and allergies might want to put this drawback into mind.

Despite these flaws, the IONFlex still has a lot to offer with its many features and appendages. With a lengthy battery life and strong suction power, IONFlex is definitely a great vacuum to consider when choosing the right kind of cordless vacuum cleaner for your home.

Upright | Battery 15-20 mins | Bagless | Washable Filter | 7.3 lbs |  Strong Suction

There’s a lot of elegance in simplicity. An uncomplicated upright cordless vacuum, the Hoover Linx is a great buy for those who want a quiet vacuum that’s efficient at cleaning out pet hair. Its suction-and-brush mode also make it a good investment for those with carpeted homes.


  • Recline handle allows for easier maneuverability
  • Good suction
  • Great at cleaning pet hair
  • Quiet vacuuming
  • Easy to empty dust bin
  • Transitions from carpet  to hard floor with ease
  • Stand on its own
  • Wide cleaning path
  • Affordable


  • May scratch floors
  • Difficult to use on stairs because of non-swiveling base
  • Foam filter doesn’t work that well 
  • Dirt bin placement can limit the movement of the unit underneath furniture
  • Cleaning the dust bin can be unsanitary
  • Plain upright vacuum without hose or attachments


  • Interchangeable fade-free Lithium Ion battery
  •  Wind Tunnel 3 Technology
  • Multi-floor cleaning
  • Edge cleaning bristles
  • Bottom-release mechanism for dust bin
  • Battery gauge
  • Extreme recline handle

The Hoover Linx BH50010 offers a satisfying blend of power and performance for a vacuum that runs on battery. One of the reasons to consider the Hoover Linx is its ease of use. Though one of the heavier cordless models, the unit is nevertheless much lighter and more compact than traditional upright units. The vacuum’s interchangeable Lithium ion battery also allows you to increase your run time by purchasing a second or third battery for extra use.

The Hoover Linx offers simple but functional features for those who want an uncomplicated but practical vacuum unit. The power switch is easy to reach on the top of the handle, and its LED status bar is strategically placed on the very front of the vacuum, letting you know when your cleaning run needs to be put on hold. The Hoover Linx has light indicator with labels, telling you what kind of mode you’re on while cleaning: either the suction-and-brush-roll mode, or the suction-only mode. These functional design features definitely help make your cleaning session much easier.

The Hoover Linx BH50010’s Windtunnel 3 technology gives you both brushing and suction, allowing better cleaning on both hardwood floors and on carpets. Hoover Linx does exceptionally well in sucking out dust and cleaning out carpets with its brush bar. Not only does the cordless vacuum clean out shag carpets, it also works on rugs made of tightly knotted Berber. The unit’s added brush roll also works pretty well with pet hair, stripping those strands of hair off the surface of carpets with ease. While the special brush bar is a great feature for carpets, users should make sure to turn the brush bar option off when dealing with smooth floors, because they might scratch the surface of the floor.

The Hoover Linx also offers quiet vacuuming, with some reviewers measuring the noise levels of the cordless vacuum at 75 decibels. Quiet vacuuming is a great feature for people with babies and pets – it’s very easy to startle both with the loud whirring sound of a vacuum. This makes the Hoover Linx a cordless vacuum worth considering when you have a fully carpeted home and pets running around the house.

However, the Hoover Linx isn’t without flaws. Some of the common complaints surrounding the Hoover Linx BH50010 is the challenge of untangling hair from the vacuum’s beater bar; the Hoover Linx filter does a very poor job of keeping dust and allergens inside the unit itself. Other issues with the Hoover Linx BH50010 is how awkwardly it works on stairs and how its dirt bin placement can limit the unit’s maneuverability under furniture despite its possession of a recline handle. It’s also a shame that the Hoover Linx doesn’t have a handheld vacuum option. Those who’d want a cordless vacuum for above floor surfaces like ceilings, furniture and little corers might want to purchase an additional handheld vacuum along with the Hoover Linx.

Despite these concerns, with its suction power and ease of use, the Hoover Linx is still a pretty great option for those looking for a powerful cordless vacuum for the floors of their home.

Stick & Handheld | Battery 25-40  mins | Bagless | HEPA | 4.7 lbs |  Strong Suction

Versatility doesn’t need to cost as much. The Deik Cordless Vacuum is a considerably powerful unit that avoids breaking the bank. Giving you two different types of vacuums, the extremely lightweight Deik Cordless Vacuum is great for homes with pets and people sensitive to allergens.


  • Lightweight
  • Interchangeable battery  
  • Inexpensive 
  • Can turn into both stick vacuum and hand vacuum
  • HEPA filtration to keep in small particles and allergens
  • Easy to maneuver around furniture with its swivel joint
  • Great for cleaning pet hair


  • Cannot stand on its own
  • Powered brush head isn’t wide enough
  • Loud vacuuming
  • Motorhead does poorly with large debris
  • Problems with vacuuming high pile carpets


  • Removable 22.2 V lithium ion battery
  • DC Motor with 7Kpa suction power
  • 2-in-1 removable cordless hand vac
  • Long wand
  • Trigger lock
  • Powered brush roll
  • Set tools include mounting base, crevice tool and upholstery tool
  • Multi-floor cleaning capabilities
  • HEPA and sponge filtration
  • One year warranty

The Deik ZB1516 offers a lot for a cordless vacuum for a small price. The Cordless 2 in 1 Vacuum cleaner offers users an interchangeable battery system, with each battery lasting up to 25 minutes when in use.

Boasting a high-efficiency DC Motor, the Deik Cordless vacuum cleaner offers 7Kpa, a powerful suction for a lightweight cordless vacuum unit. The Deik Cordless vacuum cleaner offers the same performance as the Dyson V6, doing surprisingly well at siphoning dirt, dust and other odds and ends from flat carpets like the IonFlex. Though the Deik Cordless vacuum has problems in sucking up large debris like cereal pieces and large chunks of food like its rivals in the market, the unit still performs pretty well with other types of dirt. For bigger debris, Deik users can switch the motorhead with a crevice tool instead. Switching attachments on the Deik Cordless is pretty easy, and you can use the crevice tool and upholstery tool on both the stick and handheld vacuum.

The Deik Cordless vacuum also excels at gathering pet hair and dirt embedded in low to medium pile carpets, and the unit’s spinning brush also makes it particularly easy for the vacuum to pick up fine material from hardwood floors like flour and powder. The Deik Cordless Vacuum cleaner doesn’t have any problem working with smooth and hard wood floors. The vacuum can easily transition from medium to low carpeted areas and rugs to hardwood floors with the press of a button. The vacuum does however, struggle when it comes to high pile carpets, something worth considering if you have a lot of fluffy carpets at home.


The Deik Cordless also maneuvers around furniture on the floor with ease. Unlike the Dyson 10 which uses a ball joint on its motorheads, the Deik Cordless incorporates a swivel joint on its roller, allowing you to move the head sideways. Another great feature of the Deik Cordless vacuum cleaner is its HEPA-Level Filtration system, which helps to keep harmful bacteria, mold, and all sorts of allergens out of the air in your home.

Though the vacuum might have its limitations, the Deik Cordless is definitely a bang for the buck purchase for those who’re looking for a convenient, pet-hair-free and allergen-free cleaning gadget for their homes.

Buyers Guide

The Evolution of the Cordless Vacuum

Cordless vacuums are distinct from other models because they run on battery power and thus are freed from the limitations of an electrical cord. Technology for cordless vacuums has advanced exponentially in recent years. Earlier models of the cordless vacuum Nicad, for example, offered around 15-20 minutes of clean time and were on the heavy side. More recent models like the Shark IONFlex and Dyson V8, though, run on a light lithium ion battery which offers more juice for a run time that lasts around 30-40 minutes. The newest Dyson model, the Cyclone V10, works with a nickel-cobalt-aluminium (NCA) cobalt battery, allowing a run time of a maximum of 60 minutes.

Cordless versus Corded Vacuums

When selecting which type of model is best for your cleaning, it is best to review some of the key differences between units.One of the main reasons why many consider purchasing cordless vacuums over their corded relatives is the convenience that they offer in comparison.  For example, cordless vacuums are also generally much lighter than corded versions. Regular vacuums usually weigh at 25 pounds and take up a whole lot of space. Cordless vacuums are much lighter, weighing around 4 to 10 pounds. They’re also much easier to store inside the house, as many cordless vacuums come with their own mount. All you need to do after cleaning is pop the vacuum back into its mount and you’re all done. The lightweight feature of cordless vacuums adds to its convenience, making it so much easier to do quick clean-ups around the house. You can run from one room to another carrying your cordless vacuum with ease, cleaning up dust and debris as you go along the way.

Corded vacuums can also add humdrum to your cleaning. It’s so easy to put off cleaning when you have to take your bulky vacuum out of storage, unroll its cord, look for a socket, and then reroll the cord and put everything back in place again. With a cordless vacuum, you won’t have to worry about preparation and storage at all. Cordless models take away the risk of cords catching on corners and causing accidents for everyone. In short, cordless vacuums mean less worries, especially if you have children and pets running wild while you’re busy cleaning around the house. Just make sure the battery is charged and in place, take it out of its mount, and you’re ready to go.

Of course, cordless vacuums also have their downsides. Not only are they more expensive to purchase, but they also run on battery, creating additional costs for battery replacement and maintenance. Cordless vacuum batteries also need to be recharged before the vacuum can be used and also have shorter run times compared to corded vacuums. Corded vacuums usually have more suction power, making them great for big clean-ups. However while cordless vacuums can’t fully replace a regular vacuum in a large home, they’re perfectly suitable for smaller houses and apartments.

The convenience of a cordless vacuum can certainly come at a cost, but they usually offer a lot of great benefits as well. Cordless vacuums are also becoming more powerful, opening the possibility for cordless units to tend to the heavy-duty cleaning that corded vacuums do. Corded vacuum technology is catching up, and it definitely wouldn’t hurt investing in convenience.