Best Cheap Vacuums

Best Cheap Vacuums
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Corded | Battery Corded | 25 ft.
Filter HEPA
Weight 10.75 lbs
Brush Roll x
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Corded | Battery Corded | 15 ft.
Filter High-Efficiency
Weight 7.5 lbs.
Brush Roll x
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Corded | Battery Corded | 25ft.
Bagless x
Filter High-Efficiency
Weight 8.3 lbs
Brush Roll x
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Corded | Battery Battery | up to 30 mins.
Filter High-Efficiency
Weight 2.4 lbs.
Brush Roll x
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Corded | Battery Battery | Up to 1.5 hours
Filter High-Efficiency
Weight 2.6 lbs.
Brush Roll x
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Corded | Battery Corded | 16 ft.
Filter Rinseable Filtration
Weight 3.8 lbs.
Brush Roll x


Whether we love or loathe vacuuming, we all want the same outcome: spotlessly clean floors. Many of us also want to achieve that level of clean without paying hefty sums, but with all of the different models and features available on vacuums today it can be a challenge to navigate the market.

To simplify your selection process, we’ve researched leading vacuum models and have developed a list for 2018’s best affordable vacuum cleaners. Read on for reviews and specifications so you can come one step closer to finding your new, budget-friendly vacuum cleaner. Check out our list for the best budget vacuum cleaners below:


Upright | Corded – 25 ft. | Bagless | HEPA 10.75 lbs | Good Suction

Affordable Lightweight Cleaning Solution. This compact vacuum cleaner can handle various cleaning jobs and is perfect for those on a budget.


  • Easy to store
  • Lightweight
  • Automatic height adjustment
  • Long cord
  • Good customer service


  • Short hose can’t reach high areas
  • Too bulky for cleaning under furniture


  • Brush roll
  • Onboard tools: extension wand, dusting brush, crevice tool
  • Scuff guard nozzle
  • Click-lock handle lowers to 31”
  • 1-year warranty for motor and parts

The Dirt Devil Dynamite Plus M084650RED is considered a full-sized vacuum but comes with a compact, lightweight design. Unlike most heavy upright vacuums, this machine is only 10.75 pounds and does a great job of cleaning up most surfaces. 

It has a handy brush roll button that can be turned on for vacuuming carpets and turned off to safely clean bare floors, hardwoods, tile, and more. Additionally, the machine also easily slides over different surfaces from carpets to bare floors thanks to its auto-height adjustment. The Scuff Guard feature makes sure that all the collected debris are trapped without scratching any sensitive surface. While the bulky, central design of the dirt cup makes getting under furniture and other tight spaces an issue, the click-lock handle makes handling the machine easy and allows the machine to be reduced to only 31 inches tall for easier storage.

It has an extension hose that was designed to help with above floor cleaning, but the wand only has a reach of 60 inches which some people find a bit short. Since the machine is light, though, it can be hand carried in order for the hose to reach higher areas, and it also comes with onboard tools including an extension wand, dusting brush, and crevice tool. Another advantage is that the long 25 ft. cord makes cleaning from room to room convenient.

The Dirt Devil Dynamite Plus M084650RED has a 1-year warranty on the motor and parts. The company is reputed to have good customer service and responds timely to inquiries. A budget can be a bit of a constraint when it comes to choosing the right vacuum cleaner, but cheap doesn't necessarily mean bad. What sets the Dynamite apart from other cheap vacuums is that it uses HEPA filters combined with reliable suction all for an affordable price to ensure a fuss-free upright vacuum experience.

Canister| Corded – 15 ft. | Bagless | High-Efficiency 7.5 lbs. | Decent Suction

Basic canister vacuum worth more than its price. The Bissell Zing 2156A is lightweight and its cyclonic action provides powerful suction making it suitable for many types of cleaning.


  • Multi-surface cleaning from bare floors to carpets with a switch
  • Great to clean under furniture and tight spaces
  • Integrated carrying handle makes it easy to carry around


  • Short cord
  • May topple over for being lightweight


  • Attachments: multi-surface floor tool, dusting brush, crevice tool
  • Air flow regulator
  • Three-stage filtration
  • Easy empty dirt cup
  • Automatic cord rewinder
  • 1-year limited warranty

The Bissell Zing 2156A is one of the most popular choices when it comes to budget canister vacuums. Its value comes in its capability for multi-surface cleaning from bare floors to carpets using a switch located on the handle.

It comes with attachments including a multi-surface tool, dust brush, and crevice tool which allows the machine to easily clean stairs, window sills, mantels, shelves, and more. The cord is very short, however, for room to room cleaning. This vacuum also has the tendency of toppling over because of it being lightweight, but the issue can be remedied with the integrated carry handle.

Its featured cyclonic technology ensures consistent suction of dirt, dust, and debris no matter what surface. Before the dust is collected in its dirt cup, it goes through a three-stage filtration to prevent fine dust from reaching the motor to ensure clean air every vacuum session. The 2-liter dirt cup is easily emptied and less messy because it opens at the bottom.

The beauty of bagless canister vacuums like the Bissell Zing 2156A is lower expense to operate the vacuum as time goes by: though the filter needs to be changed, there will be no costly bags to buy or change.

With canister vacuums, there is some assembly required when using them, so they may not be a good fit for those who are looking for quick daily cleanings. Another thing to consider is that while the machine has wheels, it can be tedious for some to drag it around the house. If you don't find any issue with these, then consider getting the all-around great Bissell Zing 2156A.

Upright | Corded – 25 ft. | Bagged | High Efficiency Filter 14.8 lbs. | Decent Suction

Timesaver and budget-friendly. The versatile Hoover Tempo has a wide range of attachments for all-purpose cleaning.


  • Slim design
  • Long hose plus extension wand
  • Several onboard tools


  • Roller brush cannot be turned off
  • May scratch bare floors
  • Not self-propelled


  • Comes with onboard tools: 2 extension wands, crevice tool, upholstery tool, and surface dusting brush
  • 15” Widepath cleaning
  • Allergen Media bags
  • 5 position carpet height adjustment
  • 1-year warranty for labor & defects

The Hoover Tempo Widepath U5140900 is a budget-conscious choice for those who want a bagged upright vacuum cleaner that can handle multi-surface and above-floor cleaning. The highlighted feature of this machine is the 15-inch Widepath cleaning meaning it can cover a lot of surface area quickly. Its slim design allows it to slide under furniture and with its surface height adjustment, going from bare floors to carpets is a breeze.

However, because of its 15-inch wide head, it may not get into most corners and narrow spaces; this, however, can be remedied by using the hose and its attachments. Furthermore, using this machine may involve a lot of pushing because it is not self-propelled and at almost 15 pounds, some people may find it heavy.

The roller brush is designed to get deep into carpets to get rid of embedded dust and dirt. This versatile upright comes with a 36-inch long hose which can extend up to 50 inches and can be expanded even further with two extension wands plus attachments including a crevice tool, surface dusting brush, and an upholstery tool. These are onboard attachments which allow for easy transitioning to above floor cleaning. When using the hose and attachments, it is recommended to take extra care because the upright brush roller cannot be manually turned off and this can scratch sensitive surfaces.

The Hoover Tempo Widepath U5140900 has no HEPA filter, it uses Allergen Media bags which are capable of trapping dirt, dust, and pollens up to 5 microns. The bags are quite expensive, but because they have a large dirt capacity, bags are not changed that often. Using bagged vacuums is especially helpful for those who have dust allergies or find the emptying of dirt cups messy and unhygienic. If this is a top concern with bagless vacuums, the bagged Hoover Tempo Widepath U5140900 vacuum is a good option.

Handheld |Battery – up to 30 mins. | Bagless | High Efficiency Filter 2.4 lbs. | Decent Suction

Affordable and portable. The Black+Decker Dustbuster HHVI320JR02 is a nifty multi-purpose cleaning tool for quick clean-ups. Its portability allows it to be used quickly in homes, cars, garages, and even boats.


  • Compact and portable
  • Good for daily quick cleanups


  • Brush only works in one direction
  • Short charging cord
  • Long charging duration – 13.5 hours


  • Rotating nozzle
  • Integrated crevice tool plus flip up brush
  • Lithium-ion technology
  • Cyclonic action
  • One-step charging and storage wall mount
  • 2-year warranty

Sometimes, using large bulky vacuum cleaners to take care of little messes around the house can be a hassle. The solution for such scenarios might be the Black+Decker Dustbuster HHVI320JR02, a portable and convenient handheld option for cleaning hard to reach places with ease. This handheld vac features cyclonic action cleaning, which means it uses constant airflow to suck up dirt, dust, and debris.

On a full charge, this machine can last for up to 30 minutes. It uses lithium batteries meaning the rechargeable batteries will last for years and save you from frequent buying or replacements. The lithium batteries allow the machine to utilize its maximum power without compromise.

Additionally, The Black+Decker Dustbuster HHVI320JR02 has a long, rotating nozzle so it can be twisted while maintaining a comfortable grip. It also comes with accessories including the flip-up brush to assist in cleaning many types of surfaces, but the downside is, it only works in one direction. It also has a very practical integrated pull out crevice tool to help get in tight spaces. The long crevice tool is especially useful for cleaning car interiors.

The dust bowl is translucent and is easy to empty. All the dirt passes through the washable filters, which are made of flimsy material that, if not well-maintained, will wear and tear quite easily. Fortunately, replacement filters can be bought and the unit comes with a 2-year warranty if anything goes awry.

Handheld vacs are very compact and therefore easy to store. This vac can either be stored on the wall mount it comes with or on a flat surface with a nearby socket for easy charging. It uses a jack plug charger which means long charging times, it takes 13.5 hours to charge, which for some people may be too long. Furthermore, the short charging cord disables it from being used while charging.

The Black+Decker Dustbuster HHVI320JR02 is an ideal solution for daily mess cleanups. With it being a lightweight, cordless handheld vac gives you the liberty to use it anywhere and at an affordable price too. If you don’t mind the long charging time and you need a good supplemental cleaning tool, consider getting this one.

Robotic | Battery – up to 1.5 hours| Bagless | High Efficiency Filter 2.6 lbs. | Good Suction

The Housmile Robotic 3071C performs most functions of a robovac, but for a fraction of a price.


  • Auto-adjusts to multi-surface cleaning
  • Low profile design


  • No Wi-Fi
  • No smart navigation
  • No auto-recharge
  • Not for high pile carpets


  • 3 in 1 cleaning – sweeping, vacuuming, HEPA filtration
  • 2 working modes: small room, big room plus edge and spot cleaning
  • High-Capacity Li-ion Battery
  • Anti-drop system
  • Anti-collusion, infrared sensors
  • 2 Side brushes
  • Advanced HEPA filter system
  • 1-year warranty

The Housmile Robotic 3071C  is a handy little helper when it comes to getting the boring household cleaning done. Low-profile and agile, this robovac works well for hard floors and low-pile carpets.

This robovac has two working modes – small room mode where it works for 30 minutes and big room mode where it runs for 40 to 50 minutes. With its compact design, it can easily get under pieces of furniture and can smoothly move from bare floors to carpets with its auto-adjust multi-surface cleaning feature. The downside of this affordable machine, however, is that it has no smart navigation and no Wi-Fi connectivity, so it cannot be controlled remotely.

Its efficiency is fortified by its anti-collsion, infrared sensors to stop it from bumping into walls. If the machine is being used on upper floors, it also has an anti-drop system which prevents itself from falling down the stairs.

The Housmile robovac cleans using its unique 3-in-1 cleaning technology where it sweeps, vacuum, and filters at the same time. Its suction is powerful enough to leave floors clean, but it also gets help from the spinning side brushes where the collected dirt goes seamlessly through its inlet.

Thanks to its high-efficiency filter, the machine is able to keep its motor unclogged and in tip-top shape because 99 percent of fine particles go to its dirt bin. The machine is not exactly tangle proof, but the company has given customers courtesy by providing an extra set of brushes and detangling tool as a bonus. For factory defects and untimely malfunctions, the robovac is covered by a 1-year warranty.

What makes the machine strong and efficient is its advanced lithium-ion battery which is capable of 1 hour and 30 minutes of run time on a full charge (the recharge takes about 3-5 hours). Contrary to most robovacs, the Housmile does not recharge itself because it has no docking station. Instead, it needs manual charging which can be a hassle in cases where you leave the house and cannot find the robot anywhere because it drained out completely while you were away. There is a light indicator though that will suggest when it is time to recharge.

Like any other cleaning tool, there are pros and cons to getting the Housmile Robotic 3071C . While it is a robot vacuum, it does not have all the latest technological advancements of the more expensive machines. At its price point, however, it is able to deliver what an automated vacuum should be. Its run-time and efficiency are highly praised by customer reviews. If you would like a robovac that's affordable and can clean like a champ, this could be for you.

Stick | Corded – 16 ft. | Bagless | Rinseable Filtration Filter 3.8 lbs. | Good Suction

Inexpensive & Convenient 2-in-1 Quick Cleanup Solution. The Dirt Devil SimpliStik SD20000RED is a lightweight stick vacuum that transforms to a hand vac for multi-purpose cleaning.


  • Lightweight
  • User-friendly
  • Good for quick mess clean ups
  • Multi-purpose cleaning


  • No brush roll
  • Not great for carpets
  • Short cord


  • Transforms to a hand vac
  • Onboard crevice tool
  • 1-year limited warranty

For those who are looking for a straightforward bagless stick vacuum cleaner, look no further than the Dirt Devil SimpliStik SD20000RED. It is lightweight, easy to use, and capable of multi-purpose cleaning because it can transform into a hand vacuum.

According to the company, this stick vacuum is perfect for hard floors, tiles, and rugs. It has no brush roll so it is not very suitable for picking up embedded dirt in carpets. On the up side, it will not scratch sensitive floors. Its slim design allows it to effortlessly glide through hard surfaces for quick mess clean ups.

The handheld vac easily detaches from the main vacuum which makes it perfect for spot cleaning. Although the upright does not have edge brushes, the extendable onboard crevice tool of the hand vac can be used instead.

The downside is that it only has a 16 ft. cord, which is a little troublesome because cleaning a large room would mean transferring to another socket. You could also buy a vacuum extension cord for more length.

There are a lot of mixed reviews online about the Dirt Devil SimpliStik SD20000RED. Some customers say they are satisfied with their machine while others say that they got what they paid for. If you don’t have a large budget and have mostly hard floors, this is a machine you should consider. It also comes with a 1-year warranty which is quite good for its price point.

Buyers Guide

Are Cheap Vacuums Under $100 Worth It?

The short answer is yes, especially if you are on a budget. We often think that the more expensive the vacuum cleaner is, the better it cleans, but that logic is not always correct. There are affordable vacuums out there that perform just as well as their expensive counterparts they usually have less features and a shorter life span.

Should You Pay More for a Vacuum Cleaner?

The most important thing to consider when choosing an affordable vacuum is to buy based on cleaning needs. Cheaper vacuums are usually targeted to a few specific cleaning needs; it is hard to find a multipurpose vacuum that both cleans well and is affordable. Remember that cheap vacuums also tend not to last long and often have shorter warranties. You may end up spending more by getting multiple cheaper vacuums instead of investing in a good one that will last longer.

Additionally, more expensive models tend to offer more advanced features, such as:

Allergy Protection

If you suffer from allergies, then you definitely should not be thrifty when it comes to vacuum cleaners. Mid-range to expensive vacuum cleaners often make use of HEPA filtration that effectively trap fine dust and particles without blowing them back into your house. If this is you, you may also want to stay away from bagless vacuums as they use dirt cups that you have to manually empty over a dustbin.


Some vacuum cleaners are sold for a premium price because they deliver convenience. Most of the higher end models are designed to be multi-purpose, meaning they can clean all kinds of surfaces; lower end models tend to be mostly single-purpose. Furthermore, higher end models have additional features such as less noise, brush control, fancy attachments, swivel steering, LED lights, long warranties, ergonomic structures, and more that customers want in their machines.

Your House, Your Budget, Your Vacuum

If your aim is to purchase a budget vacuum cleaner, then consider your mission completed. These are great options when you have limited resources or if you are moving soon and will not be able to take your vacuum with you because, as mentioned above, inexpensive vacuums have a shorter lifespan. If, though, you can afford investing in a high quality and longer lasting vacuum now, this could save you money in the long run and means you’ll have a more efficient machine at hand for easier cleaning.