Tired of paying high energy bills during the winter months? You can set your thermostat lower and sleep more comfortably with the aid of an electric blanket. Like space heaters, electric blankets help you keep heat only where you need it so you’ll be able to sleep soundly regardless of how cold your room is. 

In this article we’ve picked out five of the best electric blankets on the market today and compared their strengths and weaknesses in the hope that one of these options will work well for you.

  • Preheat + 20 heat settings offered
  • Thermofine system automatically keeps heating even
  • Dual controls  
  • 5-year limited warranty

  • Polyester-brushed micro plush
  • Preheat + 5 heat settings offered
  • Extra long power cord
  • 3-year warranty

  • Dual digital controls for queen & king
  • Sherpa fleece design auto-adjusts for heat
  • 10-hour safety timer
  • 5-year limited warranty

  • 5X thinner wires for more comfort 
  • Easy use dual knob controls for Queen & King
  • Micro-fleece design
  • 5-year warranty

  • Quilted channel design
  • 2-millimeter plushness 
  • Dual controls for queen & king 
  • 5-year limited warranty

The first electric blanket on our list, and the first of two from Sunbeam, offers many heat settings and some great heat dissipation to provide nighttime comfort.

The Sunbeam Premium Soft Velvet Plush Heated Blanket comes in just one size (queen), but it  more than makes up for it with consistent heating thanks to the thermofine system. With a dedicated preheat button and twenty heat settings, it should be a breeze to find the right temperature for you and your partner. The plush fabric is easily one of the softest on our list, and you can also choose from a wide variety of color options to best match your home and bedroom’s decor. 

This blanket is a bit expensive when compared to our other blanket picks, but we find that the comfort and control from this Sunbeam blanket more than justifies the high price tag.


  • Great material
  • Lots of color options
  • Good warranty
  • Lots of heat settings
  • Preheating feature
  • Dual controls


  • Somewhat expensive

For a warmer bed and a lower heating bill without the higher expense, Serta offers an affordable electric blanket with many of the same features as our other choices.

The Serta Heated Throw Blanket 86113 comes in a 50 X 60 size (which is comparable to a full-sized blanket) and works well both as a throw blanket as well as a covering for the bed. Six colors and a reversible design are available for the throw blanket, which uses a single controller offering five heat settings as well as a preheat feature.

While some complaints remain about how the blanket fails to get warm enough for some, the price tag remains nearly half that of many of the blankets on our list. For a low-cost option that will prove whether or not an electric blanket is right for you, this Serta offering is certainly worth considering.


  • Reversible design
  • Easy controls
  • Preheating included
  • Multiple colors included
  • Affordable


  • Does not get warm enough for some
  • No dual controls or other features
  • Only one size available

Biddeford’s electric blanket attempts to set itself apart from Sunbeam offerings, and manages to do so with a focus on comfort and a warm fleece design. The Biddeford Comfort Knit Fleece Sherpa Heated Blanket offers a comfortable, almost furlike feel that can really hold the heat during the colder months. Utilizing an ultra-thin wire, this blanket manages to heat without you feeling thick wiring running throughout your blanket.

We appreciate the three colors and three sizes offered by Biddeford as well as the two digital controls offered on the two largest sizes. Well warrantied and comfortable, the only real drawback to this product is the higher price. Still, if a sherpa electric blanket with dual capabilities sounds appealing to you, then the extra price may certainly be worth paying for a blanket that keeps as warm as this one.


  • Lush design and long-piling
  • Ultra-thin wiring
  • Dual controls 
  • Great warranty


  • Somewhat expensive 
  • No twin size

For a thin blanket that hides its wires well and keeps just as warm as the competition, this Softheat Luxury Fleece blanket certainly makes a great option for many.

Like the Biddeford blanket before it, this Softheat blanket uses wiring five times thinner than the competition and thus is nearly imperceptible to the touch. Because of this, Softheat’s blanket can remain thin while still offering ten heat settings with an easy knob control design. The only real drawback here is that the blanket seems heavier than our other picks, which may be an issue to some. Dual controls are also only offered for the largest two of the available four sizes. 

Unfortunately, these features do mean that the Softheat blanket is the most expensive on our list by a considerable margin. For those who are especially sensitive to wiring in electric blankets or need a micro-fleece blanket much like those found in hotel rooms, however, this blanket may well be worth the cost.


  • Thin, soft micro-fleece
  • Ultra-thin imperceptible wiring
  • Dual controls
  • Easy knob controls


  • Expensive 
  • Somewhat heavy

For a high-quality blanket from Sunbeam that comes in a quilted variation, the Sunbeam Quilted Fleece Electric Blanket offers many sizes to choose from at more reasonable price points. This blanket uses a quilted channel design, which pushes the wiring of the heating element against the sewing in the quilt to make the wires practically disappear. You get to choose between four standard bed sizes with this blanket, and if you choose a queen or king, you’ll also get dual controls as well. 

Although there are some quality control issues with this specific item, Sunbeam’s 5-year warranty should ensure you keep warm for many winters to come.


  • Quilted design
  • Dual controls offered
  • Lots of color options
  • Good warranty


  • Some quality control issues

Comparison Chart

FeaturesSunbeam Premium Soft Velvet Plush Serta Heated Throw Blanket 861119Biddeford Comfort Knit Softheat Luxury Fleece Electric Sunbeam Quilted Fleece 
MaterialPlush PolyesterSherpa FleeceFleece PolyesterFleece PolyesterFleece Polyester
# of Heat Settings205101010
Auto Shut-Off
Machine Washable/Dryer Safe
Dual Controls AvailableX
Sizes Available11344
Weight (Queen or Standard)6 lbs2.45 lbs7.16 lbs8.6 lbs5.95 lbs

Buyer’s Guide:

Electric Blankets

Perhaps the most important variable when it comes to choosing an electric blanket is the issue of settings and controls.Electric blankets operate using a current and wire, so the more options you have to manipulate that current, the greater control you’ll have over heating your blanket to the perfect temperature. 

Likewise, blankets in the queen and king categories often come with dual controls, which will allow you and your partner to set the right amount of warmth for each of you. These controls will sit on either side of the bed, so you won’t need to worry about reaching over your partner.

Due to the nature of electric blankets, most manufacturers opt for synthetic materials, namely, polyester fibers. Many of our blankets come in two variants of polyester: plush and fleece. While both plush and fleece polyester and virtually the same when it comes to heat isolation and insulation, the feel of both will be quite different. Fleece has a soft, almost textured feel, while plush polyester is incredibly soft and light to the touch.

You might also be interested in a blanket with sherpa, which is often offered alongside micro mink and provides a longer pile than most of the other fabrics featured here. You’ll want to consider just how soft you’d like your blanket to be, as well as how long the piling needs to be. While softer may initially sound better, you may find that you prefer a more robust blanket instead.

Electric blankets often either come in standard bed sizes, such as full, queen, or king, or one singular size designed to be wrapped around a single person.

Blankets with one size, such the Pure Enrichment PureRelief, are perfect for one or two people snuggling up to watch a movie or keep warm outside. Blankets in standard sizes will offer dual controls and work best as blankets to be used nightly in the winter months.

While none of our blankets are particularly heavy, blankets with a higher weight, such as the Pure Enrichment PureRelief, certainly can feel hefty. And while many people appreciate hefty-weighted blankets for the winter months, it certainly plays a role in how your blanket will feel on the body.

  • Is an electric blanket a fire hazard?
  • While any electrical product is a fire hazard, electric blankets are considered very safe, easy to use, and of low risk of causing any accidents. For your safety, electric blankets are built to shut themselves off after a certain amount of time to prevent a fire. 

    That being said, you’ll also want to ensure your electric blanket isn’t left on or on top of highly flammable materials. Always remember to turn your electric blanket off when not in use and when unsupervised. It’s also recommended that you don’t use a heating pad and an electric blanket simultaneously. This is to prevent you from overheating and to limit the risk of flammable objects catching on fire in the area. Always read the health and safety manual of your electric blanket to ensure you’re operating your electric blanket safely and effectively.

  • How do electric blankets work?
  • Electric blankets operate by radiating heat off of a thin wire, which is run back and forth across the length of the blanket. The more current run through this wire, the warmer your blanket will get. The control knob or dial on your electric blanket will control the amount of current to ensure your blanket hits the perfect temperature.

  • How warm will my electric blanket get?
  • While there’s no definitive number of degrees to choose from when it comes to your electric blanket’s warmth, almost all electric blankets are designed to heat up to a comfortable temperature in a warm room. To test how warm your blanket can become, you can always try the folding test: fold your blanket over itself three times and turn it on for seven minutes. Afterward, insert your hand into the fold–and you should be able to see just how warm your blanket will get.

Final Thoughts

Electric blankets are certainly great for taking the edge off of your energy bills–but not just any blanket will work for everyone. If you need the best overall blanket at the best overall price, then it’s hard to beat the Sunbeam Premium Soft Velvet Plush blanket. The highly plush design and twenty heat settings maximize comfort no matter how hot or cold you’d like to be.

For an electric blanket that won’t break the bank, we can also highly recommend the Serta Heated Throw Blanket 86113. The single size and controls will make it easy to find a good temperature and keep warm throughout the night. Otherwise, we really enjoy the sherpa-lined Biddeford blanket for its soft exterior, the Softheat blanket for virtually undetectable wires, and the Sunbeam Quilted Fleece blanket for a great quilted option.

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