In the warm summer months, your garden can suffer from a lack of water. The best way to safeguard your garden from the scorching heat of the sun’s rays and the resulting cracked and dry soil is to water it regularly, and having the right equipment to do so is vital if you want to keep your garden looking its very best.

It’s worth investing in a top quality garden hose, as this is going to be your best weapon for that lush green lawn and those prize roses, but which hose is the best for the job? In this article, we look at 5 different garden hoses to help you decide which one is best for you and your garden.

  • Crush-resistant
  • Won’t kink under pressure
  • All weather flexibility
  • Sizes range from 3 feet up to 100 feet
  • Lifetime limited warranty

  • Guaranteed not to kink or tangle
  • Contains microshield to prevent mold and mildew
  • All weather flexibility
  • Leak and crush-proof
  • Lifetime guarantee

  • Four layers of latex compared to standard two-layer hoses
  • Expands from 17 feet to 50 feet in two minutes
  • Anti-leak system
  • Zinc alloy adjustable spray nozzle
  • 1-year warranty

  • 50 percent lighter than vinyl hoses
  • Abrasion, leak, and puncture-resistant
  • Kink-resistant
  • Crush-proof couplings
  • 6-month warranty

  • Five layers of non-kink PVC
  • Withstands twice the psi of similar hoses
  • Weatherproof fittings withstand temperatures of -20 degrees Celsius
  • Anti-rust or leaking
  • 12-year warranty

This Flexzilla hose is an all weather variety guaranteed to be effective in temperatures of minus 40 degrees up to 150 degrees Fahrenheit. It comes in many sizes, ranging from 3 feet to 100 feet, so it should cater for every size of garden. It has an abrasion-resistant outer layer as well as crush-resistant aluminum couplings, and it coils easily thanks to the hybrid polymer materials used.

The manufacturers claim that this hose has zero memory (which means it shouldn’t succumb to typical difficulties of hose coiling and uncoiling when they stay molded in the shape in which they were last stored), is leak-free, and more importantly, is lead-free, which means it is safe for you to take a drink. Flexzilla is so confident that you will love this product and that it will stand the test of time that they have given you a lifetime guarantee.

On the downside, the Flexzilla is prone to turning black with mold, which permeates the material and ruins the look of the hose. In addition, many people have complained that the coupling that attaches to the faucet or sprinkler is too narrow and difficult to tighten and loosen. One solution would be to get a wrench to undo it, but as one reviewer mentioned, it can ruin an otherwise great hose.


  • Kink-free
  • Anodized aluminum couplings
  • All weather
  • Lead-free for drinking water


  • Prone to black mold
  • Hard to twist off the coupling

This Teknor hose comes in 3 sizes – 50 feet, 75 feet, and 100 feet – and is also available in two different diameters (¾-inch and ⅝-inch). It benefits from industrial strength aluminum couplings that are guaranteed leak and crush-proof, and like the Flexzilla Garden Hose it benefits from all weather capabilities, although its temperature range is not as impressive.Unlike the Flexzilla Garden Hose, which tends to turn black with mold, this Neverkink Pro contains a microshield to protect it from mold and mildew growth.

This hose is very much aimed at the professionals out there who demand the very best. Teknor has created a product that is ideal for farming and greenhouses, building sites, and avid gardeners who need a hose that can stand up to high-frequency use. Teknor is careful to point out that their hose is not suitable for drinking water, so if you are thinking of buying one for your RV to provide water, think again.

On the downside, given that the name of this hose is the Neverkink Pro, it kinks quite badly, with many people reporting that it makes life difficult when they are using it. It also suffers from memory, which makes coiling it a challenge, and the aluminum couplings have sharp edges from the machining process that can cut your hands.


  • Anti-mold and mildew
  • Professional grade hose
  • Crush-proof couplings
  • All weather capabilities
  • Comes in two diameter options


  • Kinks quite badly
  • Suffers from memory so is difficult to coil
  • Aluminum couplings are poorly manufactured

This Best Industries hose can stretch from 17 feet to 50 feet in a couple of minutes using water pressure alone. It boasts four layers of latex to make it three times more durable than other hoses in its class, and unlike the Teknor Apex Neverkink Pro, this hose has brass connectors that are guaranteed never to rust or leak.

This hose comes with an impressive array of accessories, including a ten-way zinc water nozzle that the manufacturer claims is the most superior water nozzle available, a two-way splitter valve, two spare adjustable washers, a storage bag, and a wall storage hook to hang up the hose. This hose is lightweight, flexible, and easy to coil, and because it is an expandable hose, it stores easily and takes up very little space.

On the downside, the two-way splitter is prone to developing a leak and spraying water everywhere, and while the company claims their ten-way zinc sprayer is an industry best, many feel that it isn’t up to the job and provides only trickling water rather than a powerful jet.


  • Four layers of latex
  • Lightweight
  • Flexible
  • Expandable
  • Lots of accessories


  • Two-way attachment leaks
  • Ten-way sprayer ineffective

This Zero-G hose is dubbed “jobsite tough,” meaning that it is suitable for professionals like builders, farmers, construction workers, and, of course, the dedicated gardener. It is 50 percent lighter than other similar vinyl hoses, so transporting and storing this model should be easy.

It is abrasion, leak, and puncture-resistant with a burst rating of 600 psi, and like many featured in the review, it is kink-resistant and lead-free. Like the Teknor Apex Neverkink Pro, this hose is available in two diameter sizes, ¾-inch and ⅝-inch, so you can choose the size of hose with the best water flow to match your task.

This Zero-G hose is not an expandable variety, unlike The Best Industries Pro Hose, which means that you don’t have to wait for the hose to reach maximum length before you get to the full water flow. On the downside, even though Zero-G claim that this hose is puncture resistant and won’t spring leaks, there are a high number of reviews that state the opposite and note that leaks and holes have occurred. In addition, because the connectors are aluminum, when you attach them to a brass tap, a galvanic process takes place that welds the two together and you will need a wrench to separate them.


  • Lightweight
  • Super-flexible
  • Available in two diameter sizes
  • Jobsite tough
  • Drinking water safe


  • Hose leaks
  • Aluminum couplings weld to brass connectors in a galvanic process

This Worth hose is constructed of five layers of high-quality non-twist PVC, so it is durable, all weather hose that can withstand temperatures ranging from minus 20 degrees Celsius to 60 degrees Celsius. It also produces double the psi of any other hose (450 psi), meaning that your directional jet of water will hit the spot you want and extend the reach of the hose.

It comes with durable brass couplings that have a rubber grip to help twist them on and off with ease, and it is anti-kink, anti-twist, and anti-UV. It contains no lead, which usually means that it is safe for drinking water, even though the company doesn’t state this. Like others in the review, this No-Kink hose is available with two diameter options to ensure that you purchase a hose with the maximum water flow, and because it comes with a 12-year warranty, you can be sure that you are covered should anything malfunction.

On the downside, because of the way the hose is constructed, and the companies aim to make it kink-free, this thing is very stiff and difficult to maneuver. This means that it can be a chore to use, and coiling it up is a challenge too. It also suffers from memory, meaning that when the hose is delivered coiled, it never seems to want to straighten out completely, unless it has warmed in the sunshine.


  • Kink-free
  • Constructed from five layers of PVC
  • Lead-free
  • Brass couplings
  • Double the psi of any other hose


  • Very stiff
  • Suffers from memory, making the hose difficult to unwind
  • Not very maneuverable

Comparison Chart

FEATURESFlexzilla Garden HoseTeknor Apex Neverkink ProThe Best Industries Pro HoseZero-G Ultra Lightweight HoseWorth No-Kink Hose
Expandable XXXX
All weatherX
Weight7.58 lbs2.44 lbs3.55 lbs4.33 lbs10.3 lbs
Brass Couplings XXX
WarrantyLifetime limitedLifetime guarantee1-year6-month12-year

Buyer’s Guide:

Garden Hoses

Keen gardeners will always reap the benefits of a reliable garden hose. Frequent users want to know that when they turn on the faucet, their hose is going to deliver a consistent flow of water to provide much-needed nutrition to their prize plants. The value of a good hose, though, can go far beyond a garden. Many new garden hoses are constructed to such a high standard that they often get labeled “pro” or “jobsite tough,” meaning that many professional people can benefit from a great hose.

Farmers need reliable equipment when tending to their livestock, and a food-grade hose, free from lead, is crucial to the health of their animals. Construction workers need hoses that are abrasive-free, with anti-crush couplings and a guarantee not to leak. All weather capabilities are also vital, because having a hose that doesn’t freeze and crack means that work can continue even if the temperature has plummeted.

Not all hoses are the same. Some are expandable varieties, designed to be simple to store, lightweight, and easier to maneuver. Lugging a heavy hose around the garden can be back-breaking work, especially if it is inflexible and suffers from a strong memory, so having something nimble and lightweight could be the answer.

On the other hand, expandable hoses take time to reach their full length, which means that it there will be a delay getting to the maximum water flow. Also, expandable hoses are less durable than rigid PVC varieties, and so you tend to have to replace them more often. And then there’s the question of cost: expandable hoses can be expensive when compared to other types of hoses.

Let’s look at some pros and cons:

Expandable hose
  • Lighter
  • More maneuverable
  • Easier to store away
  • More expensive
  • Less durable
  • You have to wait while it extends
Non-expandable hose
  • Durable
  • All weather capabilities
  • Cheaper
  • Heavier
  • Harder to maneuver
  • More challenging to store away

  • What is a food-grade garden hose?
  • Food-grade hoses are often tasteless, odorless, and are typically constructed from vinyl or PVC. Crucially, they are also lead-free. It’s important to consider what the hose is going to be used for before you choose one; for example, purchasing a hose for your RV water supply as opposed to a hose intended for watering the garden means that you need to read the small print carefully and be sure you are getting a lead-free, food-grade variety. If you have a vegetable patch, the last thing you want is for the produce to become contaminated with residue from your hose, which could render it inedible.

  • Is the diameter of the garden hose measured from the inside or the outside?
  • The diameter is always measured from the inside of the garden hose, because some hoses have a different thickness of casing depending on how many layers they have. The diameter measurement is only concerned with the width of the tubing where the water flows.

  • Which is better: brass or aluminum couplings on your garden hose?
  • It seems that brass and aluminum are the two favorite materials to use for couplings, mainly because neither corrode or rust. Both are also pretty hardwearing and can stand up to the rigors of day to day use. The better quality couplings, however, are the brass variety because they are more robust and scratch less. Plus, the manufacturing process for aluminum couplings can sometimes leave rough and sharp edges, which rarely happens with brass ones.

    Moreover, it is a little known fact that when you attach aluminum couplings to brass connectors and faucets and turn on the water, a galvanic process takes place that fuses the two materials. This can be problematic and may require you to force them apart with a wrench. This isn’t good for either the coupling or your faucet and will reduce the lifespan of the hose. There are products that you can buy to reduce the risk of this happening, but that is an extra expense and highly inconvenient.

Final Thoughts

At first glance, you could be forgiven for thinking that buying a garden hose is a simple task, but when you delve deeper you discover a whole world of considerations.

If you want the basic type of hose that delivers water to your garden, then look no further than the Zero-G Ultra Lightweight Hose. It is lightweight, hardwearing, and provides a burst rating psi of 600, making it our budget pick.

For an expandable hose, you are going to love The Best Industries Pro Hose, because it reaches the maximum length in 2 minutes, is easy to handle and store, and comes with an impressive array of extra attachments.

Our HowToHome pick has to be the Flexzilla Garden Hose for its value, its popularity with the buying public, and its ability to deliver the water flow you want without kinking and leaking.

Whichever garden hose you choose, though, make sure that it meets all your requirements and is fit for the task at hand.

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