Best Bissell Vacuum Cleaners

Best Bissell Vacuum Cleaners
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Corded | Battery Corded | 30 ft
Filter Foam
Weight 18 lbs
Hose 8 ft
Brush Roll ✓ on/off
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Corded | Battery Corded | 20 ft
Filter Foam
Weight 7.5 lbs
Hose X
Brush Roll X
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Corded | Battery Corded | 25 ft
Filter Foam
Weight 15 lbs
Hose 6 ft
Brush Roll
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Corded | Battery Corded | 25 ft
Filter Washable
Weight 11 lbs
Hose X
Brush Roll
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Corded | Battery Corded | 17 ft
Bagless X
Filter Multi-Level
Weight 8 lbs
Hose 5 ft
Brush Roll X

Almost anyone who’s stumbled through a home appliance store can recognize the Bissell brand. Bissell vacuum cleaners can be found in just about any shape, size, and variation, and while their massive market share and size in the budget vacuum cleaner sector may not earn them a reputation of constant quality, their proliferation is certainly something to behold. Their focus on certain attributes, like pet-friendly products and a lower price, have helped grow the company into the heavyweight vacuum brand it is today.

The sheer amount of choice available within the Bissell brand, however, can be daunting for first-time homeowners who want to buy the right vacuum the first time. Between Bissell’s many options and competitively priced competition from Hoover, Shark, and otherwise, navigating the world of the mid-to-low priced vacuum cleaner isn’t always easy.

However, there are clear Bissell products that we think best represent the brand and showcase Bissell’s many talents as a company. This article showcases several models that cover several categories to reinforce that Bissell is a brand that’s worth your consideration and your dollar.

Bissell Overview

Compared to other premium and classic vacuum manufacturers, Bissell may be the oldest vacuum brand still in production. In 1876, Melville Bissell and his wife Anna Bissell needed a way to clean their storefront more effectively. After Melville’s invention of a carpet sweeper, the two founded the Bissell company. This company grew incredibly quick and after the death of Melville, his wife Anna became the first female CEO of an American company.

Bissell vacuum cleaner fans quickly expanded beyond its Midwestern roots, with even the Queen of England acquiring one to clean areas of Buckingham Palace. As a result, Bissell has continued to grow as a company and has proven its worth as one of the most popular vacuum brands still operating today. Part of Bissell’s ongoing success is their focus on pet owners. In addition to specializing many of their models for pet hair removal, Bissell is also known for their periodic philanthropy to aid nonprofits sheltering homeless pets. The brand’s affordable options, alongside their love for all animals, shows that they’ve been willing to change with the times to continue operations.

Let’s take a closer look at five Bissell vacuums listed below to get a strong overall sense of the scope and vision of the company.

Upright | 30 ft cord | Bagged | Foam Filtration | 18 lbs | 8 ft Hose | ✓ Brush Roll (on/off)

As their premium pet hair removal option, the Bissell 1650A Pet Hair Eraser lives up to its name and provides the most comprehensive solution to floor and upholstery cleaning. The heavy weight and price might be off-putting to some, but we think the smaller details make this model valuable.


  • Brush roll can be turned on and off for hardwood floor cleaning
  • LED crevice tool and pet attachments live up to the name and easily remove pet hair
  • Tangle-free brush roller prevents frequent stops to clear the agitating fibers


  • Expensive for a Bissell vacuum cleaner
  • Heavier build makes it difficult to clean stairs and move up and down floors
  • A few design quirks (like the belt on the brush roll) can be aggravating


  • Patented cyclonic pet hair spooling system
  • Specialized pet tools
  • Tangle-free brush roll
  • Attachments: LED lighted crevice tool, pet TurboEraser tool, 2-in-1 pet brush
  • Warranty: 5-year Limited

The Bissell 1650A Pet Hair Eraser is Bissell’s current premium offering for those who come to the brand with one purpose: pet hair removal. The Pet Hair Eraser does exceedingly well at this task, with a unique brush roll design, LEDs on tools like the crevice tools, and a unique bin to give you everything you need to pick up pet hairs around the home.

As an upright vacuum, you will be dealing with problems like stair cleaning and overall bulkiness, but otherwise, the design on this Bissell vacuum cleaner is impressive given the cost. It is worth noting, however, that this Bissell vacuum cleaner is one of the more expensive in their lineup. Similarly, the center-mounted belt might mean you need to run over sections of the carpet a second time. Though if you’re comfortable working around the quirks, this is the strongest Bissell vacuum cleaner for pet hair, with great attachments and a brush roll that can be turned off for hardwood cleaning.  For pet hair cleaning and homes with combination floors, the Pet Hair Eraser could mean the difference between a fresh home and another evening of allergies.

Stick | 20 ft cord | Bagless | Foam Filtration | 7.5 lbs | X Hose | X Brush Roll

Hardwood-only homeowners will rejoice at the Bissell PowerEdge 81L2A, which drops all focus on carpeting in favor of an effective V-shaped parquet tool and lots of suction for a low price. This streamlined and simple model might seem less appealing than some of the other comprehensive vacuums on our list, but at its core, it’s a powerful machine that excels for the price.


  • Excellent for cleaning hardwood
  • V-shaped design makes it easy to work around obstacles and furniture
  • Lightweight and affordable


  • No carpet cleaning functionality whatsoever
  • No attachments to clean above-ground messes
  • Small suction hole can get clogged with large debris easily


  • V-Shaped innovative suction technology
  • Easy-empty dirt cup
  • Attachments: None
  • Warranty: 1-year Limited

Not every home has carpets, and while Bissell is known for carpet-centric vacuum cleaners, their hardwood-only option is just versatile enough to be the perfect apartment vacuum. The major selling point of the Bissell PowerEdge Pet is the V-shaped parquet tool at the end of the vacuum. This concave design makes it easy to swivel around furniture and other obstacles as you clean all of the hardwood in your home.

As with all Bissell vacuums, the focus on pet hair can be seen in the easy-to-remove dirt cup and powerful suction to pick up hairs. The bottleneck design that can be found underneath the parquet can clog easily, but removing any debris shouldn’t be much of a problem.

Overall, we have to commend the simple-yet-powerful design of this Bissell product. For those in apartments or smaller homes with no carpeting, the PowerEdge Pet is everything you need in a hardwood vacuum cleaner.

Upright | 25 ft Cord | Bagless | Foam Filtration | 15 lbs | 6 ft Hose | ✓ Brush Roll

This affordable and versatile upright vacuum is a wonderful, cost-effective option for multi-surface cleaning and handy attachments. The simple design can be frustrating at times, like when it comes to the always-spinning brush roll, but compared to other products at this price point it is a strong contender.


  • One of the most affordable upright vacuums available
  • Attachments are varied and quite effective for above-ground cleaning
  • Lightweight for its category
  • Ergonomic handle


  • Always-spinning brush roll means little use on hardwood floors
  • Suction can be a bit weak when compared to other Bissell products
  • Filtration can be lackluster for a pet-friendly vacuum


  • OnePass Technology
  • Cyclonic System for Powerful Suction
  • Attachments: Extension wand, TurboBrush tool, dusting brush, crevice tool
  • Warranty: 2-year Limited

The Bissell CleanView 9595A constantly makes Amazon Bestseller lists for good reason. Boasting the feature set of a fully-realized upright at the cost of a handheld or simple stick vacuum cleaner, this Bissell upright has everything you need to get started for well under a hundred dollars. This Bissell vacuum keeps with the tradition of pet-friendly products with a TurboBrush tool that’s great for picking hair out of upholstery. The vacuum is also lightweight enough to carry up a few flights of stairs before the weight becomes an issue.

We have to admit; it is a little frustrating to see a brush roller that can’t turn off. This missing feature means that hardwood cleaning will be next to impossible as the roller scatters dirt instead of picking it up. With certain floorings, it may even pose a threat. Still, if your home is more carpeted and you don’t mind the somewhat-reduced suction power, this vacuum has everything you need to clean your carpets, couches, stairs, and more.

Multi-Surface Wet/dry | 25 ft cord | Bagless | Washable Filtration | 11 lbs | X Hose | ✓ Brush Roll

Bissell’s CrossWave is a product that needs to be seen to be believed. With one-of-a-kind filtration and the ability to deep clean carpet as well as vacuum it, the CrossWave will certainly catch anyone’s eye. The lack of above-ground features is the only thing holding this product back from becoming the best total home cleaning system.


  • Unique brush roll can handle wet and dry carpeting
  • Can pick up wet and dry messes, as well as use fresh water to deep clean carpets
  • Smart touch controls make it easy to clean any surface


  • No attachments or above-ground cleaning capabilities
  • Brush roll is soft on hardwood, but cannot be turned off completely
  • Smaller capacity can mean frequent stops to clean out debris


  • Unique CrossWave brush for multi-surface cleaning
  • Two-tank system holds used and clean water
  • Attachments: None
  • Warranty: 2-Year Limited

The Bissell CrossWave is truly a one-of-a-kind device. No vacuum from any competitor at any price point has a product quite like this. Think of the Bissell CrossWave as an eclectic mix between a stick vacuum cleaner and wet carpet cleaner. This product can be used to vacuum dry carpet, deep clean carpets with water, and scrub and clean hardwood flooring.

This makes it a perfect machine for pet-owners who have animals that are prone to messes in their home. The unique CrossWave brush roll can move across hardwood without posing a threat of damaging it, but it is worth noting that this brush roll cannot be turned off, so perhaps this feature shouldn’t be used without water.

Easy touch controls at the top of the vacuum make moving across any surface as simple as pushing a button. The thin and light design does mean stopping quite often to head to the sink, but even still, this is a product that’s hard to compare to anything else in the market at the moment.

Canister | 17 ft cord | Bagged | Multi-Level Filtration | 8 lbs | 5 ft Hose | X Brush Roll

For the traditionalists out there, this Bissell bagged canister offers all of the pet-friendly features they’re known for without the need to empty out bins. No brush roll and a somewhat-questionable build quality are causes for concern, but at this price point, this canister packs a serious punch.


  • One of the most affordable bagged canisters available
  • Variable suction control almost unheard of at this price point
  • Lightweight and great for hardwood and above-ground cleaning


  • No brush roll means that cleaning high-pile carpets will be a struggle
  • Attachments and main canister can feel cheap or flimsy
  • Attachments are limited in their ability to clean upholstery


  • Variable suction control
  • Retractable cord
  • Attachments: Multi-surface cleaning, telescopic wand, brush tool, crevice tool, upholstery tool
  • Warranty: 1-year Limited

Bissell knows that some pet owners still prefer the simplicity of a bagged vacuum. Instead of worrying about dust and dirt when emptying out bins, some vaccumers see being able to throw away a bag as a major selling point. Knowing this, Bissell put together the Bissell Zing 4122 canister, and unbelievably affordable canister vacuum offers a variable suction control that makes it easy to switch from hardwood cleaning to curtain and furniture cleaning.

The varied attachments are also handy for most above ground cleaning needs, but we found that the upholstery tool was subpar. Otherwise, this vacuum is lightweight and offers smaller features like a retractable cord and an easy-carry handle that can make it even more appealing. For what it offers and considering the cost, we seriously question if there’s a better option available. Homeowners with carpeted flooring might want to look elsewhere, but for simple homes with hardwood and a few rugs, this is going to be a hard product to beat.

Final Thoughts

As you can tell from the many different vacuum cleaners on our list, Bissell makes it a priority to produce products that fit a certain type of homeowner. And in all cases, even the most expensive vacuum on our list remains affordable for the budget consumer.

We think that the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser offers the most well-rounded features out of the vacuums on our list. Anyone still house training a pet may prefer the unique CrossWave, while the bargain hunters will get some serious mileage out of either the Bissell 9595A CleanView or the Bissell ZING bagged canister.

No matter which Bissell you choose, you can be confident that this tried-and-true company will continue to update and diversify their product line. Be sure to look carefully to your home and consider what specific features you’ll need. Using that information, you should be able to quickly pick out the Bissell vacuum that will best serve you (and your pets) for years to come.