Modern vacuum cleaners come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. The continued focus on cordless operation and strong overall suction power means that there’s a product for most anyone in any price range. The major concern for many homeowners, though, is finding a way to keep the home clean without breaking the bank. The BLACK+DECKER brand offers a myriad of different home appliances and products designed for hard use and low cost, and their vacuum cleaner line continues the trend.

This article profiles five BLACK+DECKER vacuums, each of which offers homeowners a different way to keep their floors, cars, upholstery, and carpets clean. Highlighting these models’ strengths and weaknesses, this article can hopefully simplify your shopping process.

Top 5 BLACK+DECKER Vacuum Cleaners

  • Built-in dust compactor maximizes space in the bin
  • Grab and Go canister is great for stair and above-ground cleaning
  • Includes a 3-in-1 accessory tool, wand, and hose
  • Comes with a 2-year limited warranty

  • Swivel steering aids helps to maneuver around furniture and corners
  • Pet hair attachment makes quick work of messes on upholstery
  • Includes a 3-in-1 accessory tool, and hose
  • Comes with a 1-year limited warranty

  • Included floor head makes for easy, handheld cleaning of hardwood and light carpet
  • Long extension hose aids in above ground and chandelier cleaning
  • Includes a fold-out brush attachment, pet brush, and floor head
  • Comes with a 2-year limited warranty

  • Slim design perfect for car crevices and behind appliances
  • Easy-empty bowl can be quickly washed and maintained
  • Includes a fold-out brush attachment
  • Comes with a 3-year limited warranty

  • Sensors adjust for carpet pile height, indicating battery levels, and filter quality
  • Detachable handheld vacuum cleaner great for quick pickups and tight spaces
  • Includes a handheld crevice tool, brush tool, and brush roller
  • Comes with a 2-year limited warranty

The BLACK+DECKER Powerseries Pro HCUA525J vacuum pick follows the industry trend of 2-in-1 cordless products and offers the best battery life and overall features of any product on our list. This model can clean either in an upright mode, by utilizing a variable-suction control and brush roller, or in handheld mode, with the canister bin easily held in one hand and the sizable hose and attachment in the other. The result is a vacuum that can tackle stairs, carpets, floors, and ceilings without much hassle.

We’re a big fan of the battery life in particular with this vacuum, which outlasts all others on our list and much of the competition as well. While the price is higher than usual for a BLACK+DECKER product, the competition this vacuum pits against more expensive brands such as Shark or Dyson proves that it is well worth your consideration.


  • Great attachments
  • Highly versatile
  • Handheld mode
  • Adjustable brush roller
  • Long battery life


  • Expensive

Upright vacuum cleaners are known to be clunky and frustrating to use, but the BLACK+DECKER Airswivel Ultra Light BDASV102 seems to work hard to eliminate that expectation. This model uses a unique steering design that makes it easy to cut corners and clean quicker. The included hose and pet attachment also set this vacuum apart as one of the best on our list for pet hair and upholstery cleaning, and a 3-in-1 attachment tool rounds out the features.

What may be most impressive about this model, though, is the price. While it may still be too heavy and bulky for some, the amount of features and cleaning power this product offers for the price makes it a top contender for deal-seekers and any homeowner on a tight budget. Price aside, the brush roller and attachments alone are worth considering for anyone who needs a dedicated, corded upright vacuum cleaner.


  • Affordable
  • Great attachments
  • Easily maneuverable
  • Large bin capacity
  • Great for pet owners


  • Heavy
  • Bulky

Splitting the difference between a 2-in-1 stick hybrid and a dedicated cordless handheld, the BLACK+DECKER Max Flex BDH2020FLFH vacuum presents a great middle ground that’s perfect for those with hardwood flooring. This handheld vacuum cleaner comes with a considerable hose and several attachments to keep ground and above-floor surfaces clean. The floor head, while lacking in a brush roll, is a considerable improvement to the handheld design and gives this vacuum lots of use around smaller apartments and homes.

Likewise, the pet hair and brush attachments are just as effective on back seats as they are on end chairs. The price is a little high given the smaller bin size and low battery life, but otherwise there’s a whole lot to love here. We recommend the Max Flex BDH2020FLFH for those who need a quick picker-upper that’s both high-quality and cordless for use no matter where the mess may be.


  • Lightweight
  • Great attachments
  • Great for car cleaning
  • Optional floor head
  • Ultra compact


  • Short battery life
  • Small bin size
  • No brush roller

While the previous vacuum flirts with floor cleaning, the BLACK+DECKER Platinum BDH2000L is the only to exclusively focus on versatility and quick handheld use. This handheld model is a small product with some seriously powerful suction behind it. Using the slim nozzle, you can easily get under and behind appliances to pick up dirt and debris that may have been left behind years ago. You can also flip out the included brush attachment for quick cleanings in bathrooms, kitchens, and other messy spaces.

We appreciate the easily-cleaned bin, which can be removed alongside the filter for quick maintenance. Unfortunately, this BLACK+DECKER product also suffers from some of the poor battery issues that plague the Max Flex, but given the quality of this vacuum, we wouldn’t be surprised if that extra time was never really needed. We recommend the BLACK+DECKER Platinum BDH2000L as an auxiliary vacuum for larger homes or for deep cleaning kitchens and cars.


  • Powerful suction
  • Great build quality
  • Highly versatile
  • Lightweight
  • Easy maintenance


  • Somewhat expensive
  • Small bin size
  • Short battery life

The BLACK+DECKER 2-in-1 HFEJ415JWMF10 balances the design of the Powerseries Pro with the reach and attachments of the Max Flex. This model offers a unique, slim design that is light and easy to maneuver around the home. This 2-in-1 also offers SmartTech features that focus on keeping you informed on everything important to operation. This includes indications for battery life, adjustable brush roller height, and even an indication telling you that the filter could use a close inspection.

The handheld mode is eerily reminiscent of the Platinum handheld vacuum also on our list. Simply speaking, this vacuum is so good it might pick up dirt that you didn’t even know was even there. So good, in fact, that the bin size leaves a lot to be desired. Still, if you don’t mind a few extra trips to the trash can, you may appreciate the whole-house cleaning offered by the BLACK+DECKER 2-in-1 HFEJ415JWMF10.


  • Great handheld mode
  • Powerful suction
  • Good onboard indicators
  • Easy maintenance
  • Good for carpets


  • Short battery life
  • Small bin size

BLACK+DECKER Vacuum Cleaners Buyer’s Guide

Not sure which BLACK+DECKER vacuum cleaner best matches your style? We recommend you consider the following aspects:

Vacuum Types

Hands down, the most important consideration to make when purchasing a BLACK+DECKER vacuum cleaner, or any other vacuum cleaner for that matter, is that of vacuum type. While each one of our vacuum picks here uses a bagless design that won’t require recurring costs, the various categories of vacuum cleaners offered by the company focuses on specific aspects of the home.

For instance, handheld vacuum cleaners are going to be optimal for car and crevice cleaning, as the overall light weight of the product and smaller size means that working this product into a corner will be far easier than adjusting an upright vacuum cleaner. At the same time, upright vacuum cleaners provide homeowners with the means to deep clean carpeting using a motorized brush roll—something handheld vacuum cleaners simply are unable to do.

You may also notice that two of our vacuum picks split the difference between two types: stick and handheld vacuum cleaners. These 2-in-1 products have become especially popular due to flagship models from other companies, such as Dyson and Shark, and have quickly become the norm in the vacuum cleaner industry. These often come with the benefits of both, but can quickly struggle with capacity due to the swap to handheld mode.

For a brief overview of the pros and cons of each type of vacuum cleaner on our list consider the following chart. Bear in mind that other types of vacuum cleaners exist but are not offered by the BLACK+DECKER products on our list.

Handheld Vacuum Cleaners
  • Affordable
  • Best for cars
  • Easily cleans above-ground nooks and crannies
  • Lightweight
  • Low bin capacity
  • Ineffective for floor cleaning
  • Can struggle on upholstery
Stick Vacuum Cleaners
  • Great for upholstery and hard flooring
  • Easily maneuverable
  • Attachments often included
  • Best for apartments and smaller spaces
  • Bin capacity low for larger homes
  • Can struggle on carpeting
  • May or may not utilize brush roller
2-in-1 Vacuum Cleaners
  • Highly adjustable
  • Space saving
  • Often cordless
  • Cleans floor-to-ceiling
  • Best for light cleaning all surfaces
  • Often expensive
  • Variable battery life
  • Smaller bin depending upon make and model
  • Can be fragile
Upright Vacuum Cleaners
  • Best for carpeting
  • Lots of attachments included
  • Great for all flooring
  • Tough on pet hair
  • Can struggle on above-ground surfaces
  • Bulky
  • Can be expensive
  • Heavy

Going Cordless

Cordless vacuum cleaners and specifically vacuum cleaners that easily convert from cordless stick to cordless handheld vacuum cleaners have become increasingly popular. It’s fairly easy to see why, as a cordless vacuum cleaner won’t be beholden to any one outlet and can make the vacuuming process quicker and more efficient.

Not everything about cordless vacuum cleaners, though, will appeal to all homeowners. When it comes to BLACK+DECKER cordless vacuum cleaners specifically, you may struggle to get more than twenty minutes of cleaning time after changing the device for several hours. The exception is the Powerseries Pro, which can operate for up to an hour.

While this runtime won’t be a problem for smaller homes and apartments, it can be frustrating to clean most of your home—only to have to wait several hours to finish the job. You’ll also be stuck with a smaller bin size and usually a quicker loss of battery when working with a brush roller that can be turned on and off, so don’t expect the maximum battery life if you plan to operate the vacuum in high gear.

Still, with the right planning and charging, you can confidently clean a home without worrying about cords or running out of power. Plus, some of the best products currently in the BLACK+DECKER line up skip cords in favor of batteries, which may be yet another reason to consider going cordless.

Hoses & Attachments

Almost all BLACK+DECKER products will come with some sort of hose or attachment that’s going to help make or break the product’s usefulness in your home. That’s why we took care to notate what sort of attachments you can expect to gain from your BLACK+DECKER product.

Attachments like brushes and crevice tools make it easy to pick up dirt that may need to be agitated or pushed before it can be picked up by the suction of the vacuum and are especially helpful for kitchens and bathrooms. You’re going to need a hose that can run a considerable length away from the debris bin, though, in order to effectively reach those tight spaces.

Different vacuum types, as we’ve covered, are going to lend themselves to different hoses and attachments in much the same way they lend themselves to different uses. Generally speaking, however, if you’re looking for a vacuum that can clean mostly floors and similar surfaces, a stick or upright vacuum cleaner will serve you more efficiently than a handheld, which will be more focused on above-ground cleaning. You may also want to consider a 2-in-1 stick vacuum cleaner to split the difference and effectively clean surfaces from floor to ceiling.


How long do I need to charge the battery on a BLACK+DECKER vacuum cleaner?

While different models are going to require different charge times, almost every cordless BLACK+DECKER vacuum cleaner on our list requires about four hours of charge time. This will give your vacuum enough time to prepare for a thorough cleaning without slowing down the brush roller or losing suction power.

Depending on the vacuum type, you may also be able to leave your vacuum charging overnight to minimize wasted time. Always be sure to review the manual of your new vacuum cleaner before doing so, however, as some vacuum cleaners may be damaged or otherwise lose battery strength from leaving them plugged in for too long. When possible, abide by the charge time as suggested by the individual vacuum cleaner to ensure you never lose suction or strength.

Do I need to clean the filters? Can I wash them?

Different BLACK+DECKER products utilize different filters that will require unique approaches to cleaning them. Generally speaking, filters on BLACK+DECKER products will be washable, so always make sure you make time for periodic maintenance.

About once a month or once every few months, depending upon the number of residents and pets in your home, remove your vacuum’s filter and rinse out under water. You may also want to use a gentle cleaning agent to get rid of some of the debris.

In either case, always allow 24 hours for a filter to completely dry before placing the filter back into the vacuum, and never operate your vacuum cleaner without a filter attached. Over time, you may also want to replace the filter to maintain the efficacy of your BLACK+DECKER product.

Can I use a brush roller on hardwood floors?

While the occasional pass of a motorized brush roller on a hard surface like hardwood or concrete won’t be much of an issue, too much exposure to a motorized brush roll can be problematic for several reasons. Strictly speaking, motorized brush rollers are ineffective on hard surfaces. Thick, coarse bristles will push away dirt from the vacuum before the suction can manage to pick it off of the ground. And while you may see some progress, in many cases vacuuming hard floors with a brush roller does more harm than good.

Over time, that damage will become more and more visible. Coarse bristles will begin to scratch and rip at soft wood, presenting a considerable amount of damage over time. To avoid further damage, either switch to a vacuum that uses pure suction or compromise on a vacuum that uses brush roller powered only by the suction of the vacuum itself, not a motor.

Final Thoughts

More often than not, these five BLACK+DECKER products forgo specific features and functionality to focus exclusively on the niche cleaning job they want to offer the end user. That’s why we think each of our picks is worth your consideration.

The Powerseries Pro that topped our list offered the best overall features, from dust compaction to long battery life, and could clean just about any type of surface. It offers strong competition to the Dyson and Shark hybrid stick vacuums and does so at a fraction of the price. Likewise, if you need something that can work double-duty in the kitchen as well as the car, then the Max Flex or Platinum vacuum cleaners may be up your alley. If you need to keep your floors clean as well as your countertops and upholstery, then the Air Max Flex may be more worth your time than most.

Finally, but budget remains a top priority and you need to keep your carpets cleaned with a powerful brush roller, then the Airswivel Ultra Light is one of the cheapest and most efficient upright vacuum cleaners on the market today. In any case, make sure to consider your home’s needs and pick the vacuum that best meets them. Choose correctly, and one of these five BLACK+DECKER products could faithfully serve you and yours for years to come.

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