Best Kärcher Vacuum Cleaners for the Home

Best Kärcher Vacuum Cleaners for the Home
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Corded | Battery Corded | 16 ft
Bagless x
Weight 18.75 lbs
Hose Yes | 7.2 ft
Brush Roll x
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Corded | Battery Corded | 23ft
Weight 15.35 lbs
Hose No
Brush Roll x
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Corded | Battery Corded | 20 ft
Bagless x
Weight 10.85 lbs
Hose Yes | 3 ft.
Brush Roll x

Kärcher is a renowned German family-owned company that has been producing well-designed wet and dry vacuums since the 1980s. Kärcher’s commercial cleaning equipment continues to be used in many establishments such as hotels and restaurants because they have been proven effective and long-lasting. That same durability can be found in Kärcher’s residential models, as they are built using the same rigorous standards and thus can be counted on to bring hotel-grade vacuuming to your home or to clean up after renovations.

We at HowtoHome aim to help you get the best vacuum cleaner for your needs, and we believe that Kärcher is a great choice. This article reveals why Kärcher is one of the best brands and  lists the best Kärcher residential models available in the U.S. that have been reviewed by our experts and that are guaranteed to help you clean your home.

About Kärcher

Kärcher is a leading worldwide provider of cleaning technology and has over 12,300 employees located in 67 countries and representing more than 110 companies including brands such as Kärcher, Windsor Kärcher Group, Landa Kärcher Group, Cuda Kärcher Group, Hotsy, Spraymart, Water Maze, and Shark.

Kärcher produces more than just vacuum cleaners. They also produce hot and cold water pressure washers; floor-cleaning equipment such as scrubbers, sweepers, extractors and burnishers; and other specialty equipment such as blowers, gum removers, escalator cleaners, and misters. While varied in their product line, Kärcher is perhaps best known for its powerful vacuums, including those made for  home use.

Why should I buy Kärcher Vacuum Cleaners?

Kärcher vacuum cleaners are built tough and are designed to help you clean the inside and outside areas of your home efficiently. These vacuum cleaners boast of several advantages that any homeowner and homemaker can appreciate:

  • Durability

Kärcher vacuum cleaners are designed to withstand heavy cleaning applications inside and outside your home, including renovation and construction jobs. These cleaning appliances are built to last.

  • Ease of use

Using your vacuum doesn’t have to be a chore in itself. Kärcher vacuum cleaners are well-designed and feature a variety of benefits for various purposes.

  • Affordability

Kärcher’s line of home vacuum cleaners give you great benefits without draining your wallet. These vacuum cleaners are affordable and provide you with top-notch cleaning abilities that are worth paying for.

In short, Kärcher’s models are best for homeowners who want tough vacuum cleaners that can take on a lot of dirt and leave a cleaner home without spending too much. These Kärcher vacuums can take on wet and dry dirt without having to change filters and are meant for more of a deep clean.



Wet/Dry Vacuum + Blower | Corded 16 ft | Optional bag | 18.75 lbs | Hose 7.2 ft. | No Brush roll

A wet and dry vacuum for your home that offers vacuuming, blowing, and a practical filter system


  • Great for hard floors and low to medium pile carpets
  • Great for cleaning DIY project and renovation messes
  • A filter bag can be used for easier dry dirt cleaning
  • No need to swap filter for wet cleaning
  • Filter can be cleaned without being taken out
  • Affordable
  • On board storage for all attachments
  • Variable suction power during vacuuming or blowing
  • Has a version that has an onboard power tool outlet, WD5/P


  • Cord may be short for large homes
  • Bulky; can be difficult to carry upstairs
  • No brush roll to deep clean carpets


  • 2.5 peak horsepower/1800-watt motor
  • 6.6-Gallon Capacity
  • Patented filter removal technology
  • Manual cord rewinder
  • 12-inch cleaning path
  • Blower mode
  • Five 360° Rotating Casters with lock
  • Includes extension wand, crevice tool, hand grip nozzle, standard wet and dry floor nozzle, and fleece bag (optional, for dry dirt only)
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty

The Kärcher WD5 is an all-around wet and dry vacuum cleaner that’s easy to use, easy to clean, and is built to last. It has a powerful motor that provides strong suction and blowing power, depending on how you want to use it.

This vacuum has an easy access filter that can be used for both wet and dry cleaning, and you won’t need to remove it for wet messes. Also it’s very easy to clean: you simply attach the hose to a connector, and then press the filter clean button three times. A filter bag can also be attached for cleaning dry dirt.

We recommend this vacuum for your car, garage, basement, or workshop, or for renovations around the house. This vacuum can also be used for regular cleaning inside the house, but it is quite bulky and not easy to transport up the stairs. Note that a  WD5/P is also available, which brings you the benefits of the WD5 wet and dry vacuum cleaner with the addition of an onboard power tool outlet. The WD5/P is perfect for you if you love to do some DIY projects at home using power tools such as table saws and sanders.

Upright vacuum & mop | Corded 23 ft | Bagless | 15.35 lbs | No hose | Microfiber rollers

Hard floor deep cleaner. Mops and vacuums at the same time to get rid of tough dirt on hard floors. Not intended to be your main vacuum cleaner.


  • Deep cleans all hard floors, including parquet, laminate, cork, stone, linoleum or PVC, sealed, oiled and waxed parquet.
  • Easily removes tough dirt
  • Floor only gets damp (not wet) & dries fast
  • Polishing action
  • Filter not needed; dust and dirt are dampened and will not spread
  • Forward rotating rollers give self-propelling function
  • Rollers can be cleaned in the washer


  • Strictly for hard floors only; can’t clean carpets or above floor surfaces
  • Can’t pick up large debris
  • Pet and long human hair can get stuck around rollers
  • Replacement rollers are quite expensive


  • 2-in-1 function:  mop & vacuum
  • Self-cleaning function through automatic removal of dirt from the rollers
  • High-quality microfiber rollers
  • Cleaning head with a flexible hinge
  • Easy-to-remove two-tank system
  • Cleaning and parking station
  •  2-year warranty

This 2-in-1 machine vacuums and dampens hard floors using soapy water from a water tank, wipes dirt off using forward-rotating microfiber rollers, and vacuums all dirty and excess liquid up into a dirty water tank. Your clean floor is then left to dry within two minutes.

Note that this is a deep cleaner, but it is not intended to be your main vacuum cleaner. You’ll need to vacuum larger debris first with a regular vacuum before using the FC5 to deep clean your floors. It is impressive how much dirt can be left on your floors after a regular vacuuming and mopping job. If you live in a home with mostly hard floors and tough dirt spots and want super clean floors, this vacuum is a great addition to your cleaning routine.

Wet/Dry Vacuum | Corded 20 ft | Bagless | 10.85 lbs | Hose 3 ft. | No brush roll

A highly-portable wet and dry vacuum that can take on wet and dry messes. Perfect for spot cleaning.

Very practical on-the-go wet & dry vacuum for your home.


  • Great for all surfaces – wet function better for hard floors
  • Lightweight
  • Great for cars and pets
  • Perfect for spot cleaning and hard-to-reach areas
  • Filter is good for both wet and dry cleaning
  • Only 6 lbs without accessories
  • Easy to store


  • Is not meant to be your main vacuum
  • No onboard storage for tools (comes with a storage bag)


  • 3-foot stretch hose
  • long cord with convenient storage
  • Tool kit with crevice, wide crevice, dusting brush, extension wands, floor nozzle, turbo/pet tool, and storage bag
  • Wet and dry filter
  • 0.6-gallon capacity
  • 3-year limited warranty

This new addition to Kärcher’s line of vacuum cleaners is a portable wet and dry cleaning machine and is designed to take on quick cleaning jobs in any area of your home. This compact vacuum cleaner is equipped with a filter that can be used for both dry dirt and wet spills — eliminating the need to swap filters for different dirt types.

It is perfect for spot cleaning and above-floor surface cleaning, and it is also a very practical tool for cleaning your car and to clean pet hair off of furniture. With this tool it will be much easier to clean large wet messes in kitchens, bathrooms, and really anywhere around the house. It’s small enough to fit in your cupboard, but strong enough to handle practically any mess that fits in its hose.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for tough all-around vacuum cleaners that boast of German craftsmanship and remarkable ease of use, Kärcher vacuums are a great option. These various models provide cleaning solutions for specific uses based on your needs. From shop vac to hard floor cleaner to portable on-the-go vac, Kärcher’s got excellent cleaning options. Whatever you choose among these, you’re assured of efficiency and durability.