Best Miele Vacuum Cleaners

Best Miele Vacuum Cleaners

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Corded | Battery Corded | 18 ft
Bagless X
Filter HEPA
Weight 18.7 lbs
Hose 7 ft
Brush Roll ✓ on/off

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Corded | Battery Corded | 39 ft
Bagless X
Filter HEPA
Weight 20 lbs
Hose 12 ft
Brush Roll ✓ on/off

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Corded | Battery Corded | 28 ft
Bagless X
Filter HEPA
Weight 9.4 lbs
Hose X
Brush Roll X

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Corded | Battery Corded | 21 ft
Bagless X
Filter HEPA
Weight 14.8 lbs
Hose 5.5 ft
Brush Roll X

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Corded | Battery Corded | 21 ft
Filter HEPA
Weight 19 lbs
Hose 5 ft
Brush Roll

Boasting vacuums with variable power and excellent filtration, Miele is a brand that appeals directly to homeowners in need of a premium vacuum that’s built to last. While excellent filtration and versatility may be the strong suit of the brand at first glance, Miele vacuums are also desired for their powerful raw suction power and durable design. Furthermore, though Miele models tend lag behind larger brands like Dyson and Shark in terms of popularity, they are just as powerful–if not more so–than their competition. As a result, many Miele vacuum enthusiasts swear that these long-lasting machines more than justify their asking price.

Today, we’ll be looking at five of the best Miele vacuums in the market today. We’ll also be going over what makes Miele tick, from their history in appliances to their varied vacuum innovations over the years. Let’s take a look at everything you need to know about the best Miele vacuum cleaners.

Miele Overview

Miele started out as an independently-owned family appliance business. German founders Carl Miele and Reinhard Zinkann established the company in 1899 with the guiding principle of “Immer Besser.” This German phrase, meaning “Forever Better,” reveals that Miele’s enduring dedication to making premium products has been present ever since the company’s beginning.

Today, Miele makes several variations of the same dedicated designs and numbers them according to the strength of the model and quality of the device. Their system can be a little confusing at first, but once you understand their approach, finding the right vacuum should be a cinch. Their vacuums are almost always designated by category, then series number, then variant name that better explains the type of vacuum and accessories you’ll be getting. That transparency, along with a devotion to bagged designs, helps set apart Miele from other brands as a company all its own.

Speaking in broad terms, there are only six vacuum cleaners in the Miele lineup:

  • Classic C1
  • Compact C2
  • Complete C3
  • Dynamic U1
  • Swing H1
  • Blizzard CX1

These six macro-level series provide a large range from which consumers can pick their favorite Miele vacuum. While three of these vacuum cleaners (U1, H1, and CX1) are Miele’s only offering in their respective categories, the three bagged canister models tend to confuse many people as to their quality. While the C1, C2, and C3 models are generally priced in ascending order, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the C3 is the best vacuum out of all available models.

For example, the C1 is perfect for those who need an affordable, lightweight vacuum that over-performs on hardwood, while the C2 is a more compact and carpet-focused solution. The C3 is larger, heavier, and more expensive, but it is also more durable, includes more debris storage capacity, and boasts better accessories for above-ground cleaning.

There are also several subcategories or models that bring special attention to different features. Bear in mind that the actual vacuum itself is essentially the same throughout. As one instance, the C1 HomeCare is the same base model vacuum that the C1 Cat & Dog uses. The differences between these variants or subcategories, most often have to do with the included attachments and adjustments to the filter.

These different models carry various names, such as “Turbo Team,” which signifies a focus on the turbo brush and hardwood & rug cleaning, or “Pure Suction,” which comes with a more hardwood-friendly design. Some are also named based on how they are intended to be used. Cat & Dog models, for instance, are designed for pet-focused cleaning; Home Care for deep carpet cleaning; or Pure Suction for hardwood and bare floor focus. These names are actually relatively new; Miele used to signify these differences with older, relatively vague names. These older names, such as Olympus or Quartz, have been stripped from essentially every model in their product line except for the Complete C3 series, which still carries the older naming system.

If you’re interested in a model from Miele’s Complete C3 line, remember that most of the differences in this line come from the type of flooring on which the vacuum is designed to focus with the included attachments and incidental model alterations. This breakdown in the Complete C3 lineup can be summarized as follows:

  • “Alize” for hardwood-focused features
  • “Calima” for rug use
  • “Kona” for medium-pile carpeting
  • “Marin” for all flooring surfaces
  • “Brilliant” for all flooring surfaces and above-ground surfaces

Also remember that attachments like the TurboBrush or parquet tools can be purchased separately. This allows consumers to mix-and-match various models they love with the accessories they need.

If you’re still having trouble narrowing down which Miele vacuum cleaner is right for you, consider the following condensed chart:

SeriesModelsTypeGreat For
Classic C1Home Care, Cat & Dog, Turbo Team, Pure SuctionCanisterAffordable, lightweight, hardwood cleaning
Compact C2Electro+, Complete Hard FloorCanisterCompact, carpet cleaning, strong suction
Complete C3Alize, Calima, Kona, Marin, BrilliantCanisterLarge bin capacity, above-ground cleaning, carpet cleaning
Dynamic U1FreshAir, Cat & Dog, Maverick, JazzUprightCarpet cleaning, larger homes, pet hair
Swing H1TacticalStickApartments, smaller homes, bare floors
Blizzard CX1Cat & Dog, Electro+, Turbo TeamBagless CanisterPet hair, those who prefer bagless designs, bare floors

Miele also provides a comprehensive buying guide questionnaire on their website that will lead you to the vacuum you’d love, so if you need a little extra help, be sure to check there for more information.

Miele has garnered a reputation for being strong competition for other premium vacuum brands such as Dyson. Miele products are known to be especially hygienic, which is why you’ll notice that all of our picks feature full HEPA filtration.

Miele products are also fairly quiet and—with a few exceptions—require the use of vacuum bags. Not everyone will appreciate the need to swap out bags, but for the growing number of people that prefer this operation for its hygienic nature and better filtration, Miele provides vacuums known for being longer-lasting and more powerful than most other consumer brands, bagged or otherwise.

Keeping this in mind, let’s go over four of the most popular Miele bagged vacuums as well as one of their bagless variants.

Canister | 18 ft cord | Bagged | HEPA Filtration | 18.7 lbs | 7 ft Hose | ✓ Brush Roll (on/off)

Miele’s mid-tier bagged canister vacuum offsets its cost with powerful & adjustable filtration, a great brush roll, and handy attachments for pet hair. While adjusting to this heavy canister vacuum may take some time, it provides the most well-rounded Miele experience available today.


  • Compact and sturdy design is easy to move without scratching hardwood floors
  • Excellent suction from the variable and powerful motor
  • One Touch Auto Rewind makes cord management easy and simple
  • Great for all types of carpeting, from area rugs to high-pile carpets, berber, and more


  • One of the more expensive Miele offerings
  • The heavy weight of the canister can make it difficult to lift over stairs and around a multi story home
  • The hose has been reported to coil and kink fairly often


  • 6 stage variable speed motor
  • Electrobrush for intensive deep cleaning
  • Attachments: Soft parquet brush, hard floor nozzle, Electro plus floorhead, dusting brush, upholstery tool, crevice nozzle
  • Warranty: 1-year Limited, 7-year Body & Motor Warranty

Canister vacuums are the bread and butter of the current Miele vacuum lineup. Because of this, you’ll find that some of the best features and most useful tools come included with this all-around solution to any home cleaning problem.

The Miele Compact C2 Electro+ is a current variant of the C2 model and falls between the budget-friendly & lightweight C1 and sturdy & carpet-focused C3. This middle-range model is still one of the most expensive Miele vacuums on this list, but the tradeoff and range of use put this vacuum into a league all its own.

Boasting a 6-stage variable speed motor, consumers can save the motor’s high strength for only the most intense jobs while using low power mode when vacuuming every day around pets or children. Miele’s hard floor parquet attachment also does an excellent job of picking up dirt and debris on any hardwood floor without posing the risk of damaging them.

The 1-year limited warranty is a bit surprising and disappointing, especially considering the price of this vacuum, but the 7-year warranty on the motor can alleviate any fears in this department.  In addition, the C2 Electro+, like many Miele models, runs on the heavier side.

Despite these small problems, they cannot outweigh the powerful brush roll and high capacity that makes the C2 Electro+ great for carpets, upholstery, and more. Miele’s canister vacuums often receive the lion’s share of praise from consumers, and the C2 Electro+ seems worthy of that recognition.

Upright | 39 ft cord | Bagged | HEPA Filtration | 20 lbs | 12 ft Hose | ✓ Brush Roll (on/off)

Miele’s upright model comes with more than enough to clean surfaces while maintaining a sleek design. While it might be the heaviest Miele vacuum on our list, it also boasts a powerful brush roll and a long cord that makes it a top contender for any large, carpeted home.


  • Powerful brush roll great for picking up pet hair on carpeted and hardwood flooring
  • Long cord makes it easy to clean the entire space without switching outlets
  • Excellent filtration and hygienic debris disposal makes it easy to remove allergens and keep things clean


  • Can be difficult to maneuver around furniture and tight spaces
  • Heavy weight can make it difficult to push
  • Somewhat expensive for an upright vacuum cleaner


  • SwivelNeck technology
  • Flat to the floor design
  • Attachments: Dusting brush, upholstery tool, crevice tool
  • Warranty: 1-year Limited, 7-year Body & Motor Warranty

Upright vacuums are highly popular for their monolithic design and varied attachments. Miele’s take on this ever-popular design, the Miele Dynamic U1 Maverick SHAE0, focuses on carpet cleaning and strength – at the expense, however, of a few popular features.

The Miele Dynamic U1 Maverick SHAE0 is Miele’s introductory upright model, and its price point, though steep for its category, nevertheless places Miele in direct competition with the bagless Dyson Ball 2. With that in mind, Miele has quite a few features that seem inspired by their rivals. For instance, the SwivelNeck technology allows users to counteract the larger nature of this vacuum and move around corners with some ease. At this weight and size, however, the Dynamic U1 will never be a vacuum anyone would consider nimble.

Still, the manual floor adjustment is a welcome improvement over the upright design, which has gravitated more and more towards auto-adjustment in recent years. The cord is also much longer than any upright at this price range, and with a bagged design and full HEPA filtration, Miele once again proves to be a formidable option for homes with carpet or pets.

Stick | 28 ft cord | Bagged | HEPA Filtration | 9.4 lbs | X Hose | X Brush Roll

Miele’s interesting and unique stick vacuum might be one of the few bagged stick vacuums available. The cost is certainly lower than other Miele offerings, but the lack of brush roll is admittedly disappointing.


  • AirClean filtration excellent for pet owners and those sensitive to allergens and debris
  • Quiet operation makes it perfect for use around small children or pets
  • Variable speed motor unique and powerful for this category of vacuum cleaner


  • No motorized brush roll makes cleaning high-pile carpeting difficult
  • Struggles on carpeted floors (except for berber carpeting)
  • Awkward design makes this product top-heavy and a little unstable
  • A few customers report this product being heavy for its category


  • AllTeQ Combination Floor Tool
  • Variable speed motor
  • Attachments: Upholstery tool, crevice tool, floor brush
  • Warranty: 1-year Limited, 7-year Body & Motor Warranty

Stick vacuums are quickly becoming as popular as uprights for their power in a small frame and quick transition into a handheld device when necessary. Bagged stick vacuum cleaners are rare, but leave it to Miele to produce a bagged stick vacuum that has a lot to offer for its smaller size.

The Miele Swing H1 Tactical SAAO0 is the most affordable and easy-to-use vacuum in Miele’s current lineup. Many features have been streamlined without sacrificing on quality, such as a variable speed motor, combination floor tool, and extendable nozzle. These allow the Swing H1 to be used in a myriad of positions and on almost any type of flooring.

The reduced cost, however, seems to have come at the expense of a motorized brush roll for the floor. The top-heavy design of the Miele Swing H1 Tactical SAAO0 can also make storage and operation somewhat challenging at first. Nevertheless, Miele is a company that produces premium products, so it’s nice to see their offerings at a price point that places them in direct competition with more affordable brands. Plus, for fans of bagged vacuums and stick vacuums, this may be the best option in the market for such a niche product.

Canister | 21 ft cord | Bagged | HEPA Filtration | 14.8 lbs | 5.5 ft Hose | X Brush Roll

Miele’s more affordable C1 canister vacuum is one of the best ways consumers can get the canister Miele experience without needing to splurge on the C2 or C3. No motorized brush roll is a significant setback, but for homes with minimal rugs and lots of hardwood flooring, it might just be worth skipping the C2 entirely and enjoying this more affordable model.


  • Relatively affordable when compared to other customizable canister vacuums
  • Easily carries accessories on the included attachment rack
  • Variable motor makes it easy to transition from floor cleaning to upholstery and curtain maintenance
  • Rewindable cord makes cable management simple


  • No motorized brush roll means that carpet cleaning is limited to berber carpets and rugs
  • Some customers report poor performance with thick pet hair
  • Can struggle to compete with the power of the Compact C2


  • VarioClip for easy accessory storage
  • AllTeQ Combination Floorhead
  • Attachments: Dusting brush, upholstery tool, crevice tool
  • Warranty: 1-year Limited, 7-year Body & Motor Warranty

We know that the C2 Electro+ can be a steep asking price for anyone who’s never experienced a Miele for themselves, but the Miele Compact C1 Pure Suction SCAE0 makes for a more affordable option. The Miele Compact C1 Pure Suction SCAE0, as the name implies, relies more on the power of the Miele motor and cuts back on extraneous features to provide their canister design for those who may be on a tighter budget and want to clean bare floors.

Because of this, and like the Miele Swing H1, there’s no motorized brush roll. While the 6-speed variable motor can make quick work of hardwood and even low-pile carpeting, shag and higher-pile carpeting will render the C1 fairly ineffective.

Still worth mentioning is that, at this price point, the level of variation on the motor and the combination floor head are both incredibly useful aspects. The included attachments also rest on the VarioClip, so there’s no need to run back and forth to the utility closet when it’s time to clean upholstery, curtains, or other above-ground surfaces.

While we can’t recommend the C1 Pure Suction for home floors primarily covered in carpet, the Miele Compact C1 Pure Suction SCAE0 is our go-to pick for homes with hardwood and smaller dwellings, like apartments. Brush roll aside, there’s almost nothing at this price point that can compete with the strength of a Miele motor.

Canister | 21 ft cord | Bagless | HEPA Filtration | 19 lbs | 5 ft Hose | ✓ Brush Roll

This bagless variant of Miele’s canister vacuum design offers an intuitive and sanitary option for naysayers of bagged models. There are few options cut from the C2 to make way for the large replaceable bin, but otherwise the CX1 comes with everything you need to clean everything from carpets to hardwood.


  • Bagless design hygienic and easy to use/empty
  • Integrated accessories make for easy cleaning of above-ground surfaces
  • Impressive HEPA filtration makes it easy to clean the home without the need to replace bags
  • High build quality and excellent, consistent performance


  • Brush roll cannot be turned off or on, making hardwood cleaning more difficult
  • Variable motor has fewer speeds than bagged models and is somewhat limited in capacity overall
  • Expensive in comparison to other vacuums in this category


  • Miele-Made Vortex Motor
  • 4-Setting Suction Control
  • Attachments: Integrated dusting brush, upholstery nozzle, crevice nozzle
  • Warranty: 1-year Limited, 7-year Body & Motor Warranty

For anyone who wants the power and might of the C2 Electro+ but isn’t willing to go back to bagged vacuums, Miele offers a bagless variant that comes with almost all of the features. Upon first glance, the Miele Blizzard CX1 TurboTeam SKCE0 seems precisely the same as the C2. The included brush roll and storage capability on this unique design makes the CX1 almost more aesthetically pleasing. There are even integrated accessories, like the dusting brush, that can reduce the time spent swapping attachments during cleaning.

The hygienic bagless design is something that is more than expected of Miele, a company that has built themselves off of HEPA filtration and a focus on air quality. When in the correct mode, the CX1 can do almost anything the C2 Electro+ can—with a few exceptions. The vortex motor used for the bagless design is limited to 4 settings instead of the standard 6 settings of most Miele models. At the same time, the brush roll cannot be turned off, and the asking price remains quite steep for a first-time Miele user.

Still, if you need a canister vacuum with more features for carpets than the C1 but without any of the hassle of bags, the Blizzard CX1 is a worthy pick, even when compared to some of the other products on this list.

Final Thoughts

It’s clear from our overview that Miele’s motto of “Immer Besser” has clearly resonated throughout the decades of the company’s designs. Miele has continuously approved powerful designs and made them particularly relevant in an increasingly saturated market.

No matter the model, picking up a Miele means using a product that can ensure the best possible air quality for yourself as well as your children and pets. It also means using a motor that’s one of the best options on the consumer level and investing in a product that will last for years to come. Whether you need a stick vacuum or a powerful canister, Miele has something to offer you.

However, not every Miele vacuum is going to meet the needs of every home. Smaller apartments and homes with hardwood should give special consideration to the Miele Swing H1 or the Miele C1 Pure Suction, while larger homes would benefit most from a C2 Electro+, a Blizzard CX1, or the popular Dynamic U1. With the right Miele vacuum, you can be assured that you’re getting the best clean this 100-year-old company has to offer.