French door refrigerators are quickly replacing side-by-sides and top freezer designs as the most popular refrigerator category for homeowners. With two doors quickly revealing fresh produce, drinks, and more, french door fridges make it easy to open the door you want while keeping frozen, long-term products out of sight and out of mind.

There are many options to choose from, which is exactly why we’ve assembled our top six best picks for french door refrigerators. Each of these six appliances would be perfect in any home, but only one will work for yours. We’ll cover features, functionality, frequently asked questions, and more in our quest to find the best french door refrigerator for you.

Top 6 French Door Refrigerators

  • Very spacious and offers the most storage options out of all of our refrigerator picks
  • Full-sized pantry drawer can fit pizzas, casseroles, and large, flat products with ease
  • Two extra-large crisper bins hold lots of veggies
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty on parts and a lifetime warranty on freezer & storage bins

  • Two freezer drawers and a thinner design makes this a perfect choice for smaller kitchens
  • Easy access to temperature controls from the outside
  • Glass bins, slots, and shelves make it easy to find what you’re looking for
  • Includes a 1-year warranty on labor & parts and a 5-year warranty on the sealed system

  • Adjustable slots and quick space shelf make it easy to maximize internal space
  • Includes a Turbo Cool setting for quick operation
  • Uses a water dispenser hidden away in the freezer drawer
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty on parts and a 5-year warranty on the compressor

  • Dual ice makers make sure you never run out of ice
  • Easy access to freezer drawer contents with handy slide-out access
  • The traditional water dispenser comes with lots of options and is easy to use
  • Includes a 1-year warranty on parts, 7-year warranty on the closed system, and a 10-year warranty on the linear compressor

  • Humidity controlled crispers keep your vegetables fresher for longer
  • Easy controls and water/ice dispensing from the exterior of the fridge
  • Shelves come with raised edges to sanction off spills
  • Comes with a 1-year parts and labor warranty

  • Lots of adjustability on glass shelves make organization and item location easy
  • Dual ice makers keep lots of ice on hand at all times
  • 2-tier freezer drawer layout is great for organizing frozen foods
  • Includes a 1-year warranty on parts and a lifetime warranty on freezer & storage bins

The Kenmore Non-Dispense 73025 is reliable, spacious, and offers some of the best all-around features available. It skips out on a water dispenser to provide tons of room both on the shelves, in the bins, and behind the door. Large gallon jugs easily slide into place on the doors, leaving room for you to place your items wherever you’d like. We’re also a fan of the highly-functional pantry drawer, which gives you dedicated room for large flat products so that they don’t have to stack on top of your other produce.

The freezer drawer is equipped with lifetime-warranted bins and a powerful ice maker, so getting organized shouldn’t be a problem. No ice maker and a large footprint might be an issue to some, but this Kenmore unit is a no-frills kitchen powerhouse that comes at a fair price.


  • High-quality storage bins
  • Lots of storage capacity
  • Helpful pantry drawer
  • Extra-large crisper bins
  • Bright LED lighting throughout
  • Dual evaporators control freezer and fridge separately



  • Larger size and heavy weight
  • No water dispenser may be a problem for some

The Haier HRF15BN3AGS offers easy storage across 15 cubic feet, which is lower than most on our list. This appliance, however, is thin and sleek yet is powerful and offers more options to organize two separate freezer bins.

The all-glass and clear plastic design for the interior was a bold choice to help homeowners find what they need faster. Plus, the LED lights are able to quickly illuminate the drawers and containers. Two freezer drawers make it easier to keep frozen pizzas and other snacks at easy reach while leaving the big stuff down below. And while the lack of ice maker is a bit frustrating, many will love that their fridge will no longer dominate their kitchen. We recommend the Haier HRF15N3AGS to those in smaller homes and apartments.


  • Two freezer drawers
  • Compact size
  • Exterior temperature controls
  • Extra cold air boost capable
  • Adjustable glass shelves


  • Not a lot of storage space
  • No ice maker
  • No water dispenser

The GE GNE25JSKSS seems to offer a direct alternative to the Kenmore Non-Dispense fridge that topped our list. We have to admit, there’s quite a lot to love here: this GE model’s interior design closely mirrors that of Kenmore model. However, the quick space shelves are able to take up only half of the length of the fridge, so tall items can take up the space of two shelves while eggs and other smaller items can still hang in the back.

Moreover, this GE fridge comes with a water dispenser within the freezer drawer alongside an ice maker and a handy Turbo Cool setting. While the included features are handy, the water dispenser namely has been reported to fail on occasion. Likewise, we would have appreciated more organizational capability in the freezer drawer. Still, we recommend this GE unit for those who need a water dispenser as well as great organization options.


  • Easiest fridge to organize and arrange
  • Built-in water dispenser
  • Turbo Cool setting can be useful
  • Excellent fridge storage bins


  • Little freezer drawer storage
  • Some quality control issues reported

If you’re looking for a classic water dispenser on a state-of-the-art french door fridge, the LG LFX35973D unit may be perfect for you. It offers much of the same storage capabilities as our last few picks, alongside two vegetable crispers and a bottom tray. The extra ice maker in the freezer drawer, though, plus dividers and easy access to smaller frozen treats is a huge plus.

French door fridges tend to ignore freezers as a whole, so to see LG focus so intently on perfecting the freezer is a huge plus. Of course, the dual ice maker functionality does have a modest but recognizable effect on storage capability, specifically on the left door. We recommend the LG LFX25973D for those who have high ice needs and want a focus on freezer drawer capabilities.


  • Dual ice makers
  • Water dispenser
  • Crispers and tray included
  • Easy freezer drawer organization
  • Alarm functionality


  • Very expensive
  • Little storage on left door
  • Large and heavy

The Amana AFI2539ERM French door fridge is one that’s focused more on the little details than big picture functionality. Much like the LG fridge we just discussed, this Amana model is a French door fridge with an exterior dispenser. While that comes with many of the same pros and cons, it is the bin and shelves that really stand out with this product.

With raised edges for spill control and two humidity-controlled crispers, Amana sets itself from the pack by giving a particular focus to the refrigerator. As the for the freezer drawer, four compartments are good for organizing but are somewhat weak in build quality. Overall, this Amana French door refrigerator is perfect for those who tend to have a messier fridge or tend to buy lots of produce.


  • Handy crispers and effective shelving
  • Easy touch controls on the water dispenser
  • Four freezer drawer compartments
  • High storage capacity


  • Limited storage on left door
  • Somewhat expensive
  • Weak freezer drawer quality

Not to be confused with the Kenmore Non-Dispenser, the Kenmore Elite 73133 offers more than just a dispenser to differentiate itself. Slightly thinner and taller than its non-dispenser cousin, the Kenmore elite french door fridge comes with the excellent bins and crispers for which Kenmore is known. Likewise, having dual ice makers is handy for game days, house parties, and hot summer afternoons.

We have to appreciate the efforts made to maximize storage space while still including a dispenser. And while this dispenser is quite handy, we’re not sure if it justifies the considerable price jump. Still, freezer storage options are great and easy access to pure, filtered water is always a plus. We recommend the Kenmore Elite for those who appreciated the spacious design of the non-dispenser variant but need a dual ice maker setup or better freezer organization.


  • Dual ice makers
  • Water dispenser
  • High-quality storage bins
  • Bright LED lighting throughout
  • Easy exterior controls


  • Expensive
  • Less space than non-dispenser model

French Door Refrigerators Buyer’s Guide

French door and smart fridges come in many different shapes and sizes. We’ve gone over some of the best options, but not all of them are going to work best for your home. From drawers, freezers, dispensers, and even digital screens, here’s what you need to know about french door refrigerators:

Dimensions & Doors

We’ve deliberately made note of the dimensions of each of these refrigerators, and that’s for a very good reason. Regardless of whether or not your current refrigerator fits in your space, you need to carefully re-measure and compare with the dimensions of your prospective refrigerator. Nothing is worse than committing to a fridge only to find that your cabinets are far too low to allow your new appliance to slide in underneath.

On top of this, french door refrigerators also need lots of clearance in front of and slightly to the side of the unit. The two french doors may protrude a few inches from each edge beyond the stated dimensions. Likewise, the freezer drawer or drawers will extend a foot or two across the front of the fridge. Be sure your dimensions give ample room for the fridge, both with the doors ajar and closed.

Freezers & Drawers

The french door refrigerator is popular in large part due to the freezer drawer, which keeps frozen goods down below so that the more-often used refrigerator takes up most of the space in easy reach. Proper organization is paramount, however, because you’ll need to stoop down or bend over to access the contents of the freezer drawer. We made mention of drawers and great dividers in our overview above, so consider what types of freezer products you’ll be filling your drawers with and align them with the types of options listed above.

You also have the option of choosing a french door fridge with two drawers, like the Haier french door appliance we’ve covered. This will reduce your overall freezer space, but that extra drawer just might come in handy for separating TV dinners and quick-reach items from larger foods that will be residing in your freezer a little while longer.

Dispensers & Screens

An increasing number of french door refrigerators are incorporating smart technologies. These smart refrigerators come with screens and computer systems built into them so that they show you to contents of your fridge, notify you of missing objects, and much more without ever opening the fridge doors. Smart fridges are also far more expensive, reduce internal space, and the technology is still in its infancy, so we’ve shied away from recommending any smart fridges with a French door design.

Speaking of reduced space, you’ll notice that half of our French door fridge picks come with the traditional ice and water dispenser that others may not. Some of these fridges even have two ice dispensers. While we think water and ice dispensers are popular for a good reason, it is important to note that these will reduce your fridge’s overall capacity. You’ll need to make a personal choice as to whether easy access to water is more preferable to more space. Likewise, filtered water does mean purchasing new filters seasonally to make sure that the water coming from your fridge tastes great every time.


Do French door fridges have more space than side-by-side fridges?

Generally speaking, side-by-side refrigerators and French door refrigerators are greatly preferred for smaller spaces. That’s because you only need to open a fraction of the width of the refrigerator door to access the internal components. French door refrigerators come with a top and bottom approach to freezers and fridges that gives a little more space inside of the appliance itself. While there are exceptions to the rule, if you need space, a French door refrigerator is going to be a better and more convenient option.

Do French door fridges come with ice makers? What are dual ice makers?

Since some French door refrigerators don’t come with the traditional water and ice dispenser, many people might assume that French door fridges don’t have ice at all. Many on our list do feature ice makers, which can be found in the bottom freezer compartment of the refrigerator. Some of the French door fridges on our list also come with dual ice makers, which are able to dispense ice both from this bottom compartment as well as from the traditional water and ice dispenser on the fridge portion of the appliance. Dual ice makers are preferred for families that need lots of ice on hand.

Can I plug my French door fridge into the wall with a standard outlet?

As with all refrigerators manufacturers for retail in North America, almost all French door fridges utilize a 120V standard wall outlet. If your home or apartment has a dedicated outlet behind the refrigerator space, this is the outlet you need to use. It is required in almost all North American building codes that refrigerators operate on their own separate circuit. This prevents the refrigerator from dimming the lights or overloading the home’s power.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to the most consistently loved french door fridges, few compete with the Kenmore Non-Dispense. Offering a host of features at a reasonable price point and lots of ways to customize the interior design, it’s hard to think of a better French door fridge to recommend for a first-time buyer.

However, if cost and affordability are also important to you, then the Haier HRF15N3AGS is also a worthy choice and provides great storage options for you. Otherwise, you’ll need to think long and hard about whether or not the addition of the water dispenser is going to be worth the detriments in price and in storage capability. Dual ice makers are convenient, and if you really want the French door look without the large slot for water, then the GE unit has you covered.

No matter which French door fridge you select, we hope you measure your space carefully and pick the appliance that not only fits your space but your needs and desires for a fridge as well.

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