As the seasons change, you may find yourself partially or even completely swapping out your wardrobe.

Climates with four distinct seasons might require you to own clothes that may only be necessary for a few months out of the year. This is where vacuum-sealed storage bags can come in handy. These simple bags can be easily loaded and sealed using a home vacuum cleaner to reduce larger and fluffier articles of clothing like vests and winter coats to their minimum possible size.

In this article, we’ll review the top four best vacuum-sealed bags for clothing and will also note their potential use for other items. Afterward, we’ll go over some of the best (and worst) features and accessories of vacuum-sealed bags and how our top picks compare.

Top 5 Best Vacuum-Sealed Storage Bags
  • Travel pump for unpacking and repacking on the go
  • Large jumbo-sized bags fit quilts and blankets easily
  • Triple-seal turbo valve keeps air out for months at a time
  • Comes with a Lifetime Replacement Guarantee

  • Comes with 6 heavy-duty bags that are 25% thicker than average storage options
  • Universal valve will work with any vacuum hose available
  • Extra nylon strength reinforcement preserves quality over time
  • Includes a 100% Money-Back Guarantee

  • Variable sizes for efficiency
  • Utility clips included
  • Perfect travel size for luggage and carry-ons
  • Comes with a Replacement Guarantee

  • Comes with 12 bags in two separate sizes
  • Roll-up design eliminates the need for hoses and vacuums
  • Size is perfect for travel and luggage
  • Includes no listed warranty

  • Twenty different bags in five different sizes offers lots of options
  • Includes a travel pump for easy sealing
  • The two included roll-up bags are perfect for travel
  • Comes with a Lifetime Replacement Gaurantee

SpaceSaver’s premium storage bags are constantly dominating the Amazon Bestseller list for a few very good reasons. Their bags are sturdy, large, and have been known to retain their seal for a very, very long time.

The best-selling variant of their bags is the Jumbo Pack, which includes six bags and a hand pump. While using a vacuum to remove the air is certainly still an option, the hand pump facilitates traveling with the bags or using them without having to drag out your home cleaning appliances.

Coming in at a cost that is comparable to the other brands, there’s little to complain about aside from the limited variety of bag sizes. The triple seal can be frustrating to mess with many times over the course of a few days, which is precisely why SuperSaver bags are the perfect choice for long-term storage of seasonal clothes.


  • Includes hand pump
  • Strong build quality
  • Triple zip seal
  • Jumbo size
  • Great for seasonal storage
  • High compression


  • No variety packs
  • Awkward seal operation

Vacwel seems to split the difference between the sturdy SpaceSaver bags and the more versatile bags on this list by going for heavy-duty plastics and lots of different sizes.

Vacwel bags are nylon-enforced, heavy-duty plastic bags that come with the standard features like a triple seal and zip lock design. Many – but not all – of the variety packs also come with a complimentary hand pump.

Vacwell bags also come in many sizes, from the massive jumbo bag to the convenient suitcase roll-up bags, making these bags the perfect choice for those who aren’t quite sure of what they need to store. Overall, we’re sure you could find a use for just about any of the high-quality bags in one of their variety packs.


  • Extra-large bags
  • Heavy duty
  • Reinforced nylon
  • Long-lasting seal


  • No hand pump
  • No variety packs
  • Can be difficult for travel usage

Stepping away from the premium plastics and hand pumps associated with the SpaceSaver and the Vacwel, Simple Houseware’s foray into vacuum storage bags seems to have a “more is more” mentality when it comes to seeking versatile storage solutions.

Simple Houseware vacuum storage bags are notable for their large quantity and affordability. With no other vacuum bag manufacturer on this list will you be able to purchase as many bags for the price as you would with Simple Houseware.

Of course, this does come at a cost: no hand pumps are included with any of the bags. The plastic is also noticeably less thick, and you can expect some (but not total) leakage over several months.

At the same time, though, the utility clips included with each purchase equal to the number of bags are a huge benefit for storing capabilities. For those unaware, you need a utility clip to effectively seal your bag, so having multiples prevents your bags from becoming worthless should you lose one or two.

If you plan to store a great deal of clothing and don’t mind a little bit of decompression after a few months, then Simple Houseware vacuum bags are your best, cost-effective solution.


  • Affordable
  • Lots of bag variety
  • Includes utility clips
  • Great for travel
  • Easy to use


  • No hand pump
  • No variety packs
  • Can be difficult for travel usage

Affordable, light and simple are the three terms that first come to mind when it comes to using the Chestnut travel storage bag system. Unlike our other picks, these Chestnut bags use a roll up system.

The bags are designed with one-way valves that push air out as you roll the bag, so the tighter you roll, the more compressed your clothes will be. This makes the Chestnut travel storage bag perfect for compactly transporting your items to wherever your travel destination might be.

This unique design uses more malleable plastics, so as such you won’t get a great seal every time. These bags certainly aren’t the solution to seasonal clothes, as they’ll decompress rather easily as the months go by.

Still, if you’re a frequent flier who needs to save on checked bag fees, this pick certainly seems more appealing then the others. With no hand pump or vacuum needed, the Chestnut travel bag is perfect in a pinch.


  • No hoses or pumps required
  • Easy roll-up design
  • Two sizes offered
  • Smaller size great for travel
  • Easy to use


  • No hand pump
  • No variety packs
  • Can lose compression over time

Our final vacuum-sealed bag pick is another variety pack option much like those offered by SpaceSaver, and a host of bonus features makes this one of the most formidable picks on our list.

The Hibag Premium Space Saver Bags come in five sizes that range from small to jumbo plus. Various combinations are sold, so while you may not be able to purchase the sizes individually, you may be pleased with your ability to store any article of clothing in the size right for it.

Also included in this specific variety pack is a travel pump for easy compression on the go and two travel bags. Much like with The Chestnut option, these bags operate with one-way valves for easy compression.

While we would have appreciated easier purchasing options and a bit sturdier design, these affordable and highly-versatile bags are great for those who want to make a single purchase that comes with everything you need to store smarter.


  • Great variety pack
  • Travel pump included
  • Bonus travel bags
  • Affordable
  • High compression


  • Cannot purchase bags individually
  • Build quality is a little low

Comparison Chart

FEATURESSpaceSaver PremiumVacwel JumboSimple HousewareThe Chestnut TravelHibag Premium
Compression80% 75%80%75%80%
Hand PumpXXX
Universal ValveX
Replacement GuaranteeX

Buyer’s Guide:

Vacuum Sealed Storage Bag for Clothing

Now that we’ve gone over five similar but unique vacuum storage bags, there are a few things you’ll need to know before committing to one of our options. As you could tell, there are small differences that can have a huge impact on your mileage with these products.

Consider the following and seek out the best bag that fits your unique situation:

We’ve been careful to note the size of the bags when applicable since the size of most vacuum bags will dictate the kind of content you can load inside of them.

For example, the jumbo bags above are great for heavy winter clothes and bed comforters, as well as a pillow or two. For travel-exclusive bags, you’ll have a hard time fitting more than a few day’s worth of outfits inside of them.

Not every company offers a variety of these sizes either. For example, the SpaceSaver and Chestnut bags only come in one or a few sizes, while you’ll get more variation out of Simple Houseware and Vacwel variety packs.

You should also keep in mind that bags with less size variety are often better for long-term storage, while variety packs can help you maximize what you pack and make it easy to access frequently-used articles of clothing.

There are two major sealing methods used by our picks: vacuum sealed and roll up sealing. With vacuum sealing, you’ll need to have a hand pump or vacuum cleaner connected to the outer seal. This will pull air through a one-way valve and allow you to lock in that seal with a secondary plastic knob. This sealing method is best for long-term sealing.

When it comes to roll up sealing, all you’ll need is a strong pair of hands. When rolled, these bags manually push the air inside out of the built-in one-way values. This sealing method is easier to use but won’t last as long. Generally speaking, if you want ease of use and will need to access your clothes more often, we recommend opting for the roll-up sealer.

For long-term sealing solutions, the triple seals on products like the SpaceSaver and Vacwel may be more in line with your expectations. And for quick reference, consider the following pros and cons of each type of sealing method:

Vacuum-sealed Bags


  • Seals last longer
  • Bags are more durable
  • Best for seasonal storage
  • Bags are often larger


  • Harder to travel with
  • May require a hand pump
  • Can be unwieldy for travel
  • Can come with a learning curve
Roll-up Bags


  • Perfect for travel
  • Easy to use
  • Fits in luggage
  • Best for quick storage needs


  • Does not hold a seal for very long
  • Bags are less durable
  • Bags may be too small for some clothes

Finally, it’s worth considering the many different sizes that are available for vacuum bags. Like we noted in our “Size Matters” breakdown, larger bags are better for larger amounts of clothing and smaller bags will hold smaller shirts, accessories, stuffed toys, and more.

Having size variety allows consumers to more effectively pack their bags and utilize every inch of compression space. This is why we think it’s important that you take a look at the items you intend to compress before settling on a bag manufacturer for your vacuum bag needs.

  • What can I put in a vacuum-sealed storage bag?
  • Generally speaking, you can put just about any textile into one of the bags on our list.Textiles include simple articles of clothing, as well as linens like bedsheets and comforters. Many owners of vacuum storage bags have great success vacuum-sealing plush toys and stuffed animals as well.Generally speaking, if you can wash it with your clothes, it may be safe to vacuum seal. Just be careful not to seal anything with sharp edges or non-textiles, or you may be at risk of voiding any of the warranties and guarantees.
  • How much stuff can I fit into a vacuum-sealed storage bag?
  • These bags are designed to hold lots of linens and clothes for a long amount of time–but overloading the bags can result in damage both to the bag as well as its contents.The general rule of thumb is to prevent any contents from getting within a few inches of the opening seal. Many of the vacuum storage bags on our list have dashed lines and warnings letting you know where in the bag this line is.You also want to make sure you can close the bag’s opening seal with minimal pressure. If you have to force the sizes together while sealing or otherwise struggle to get a good seal, we recommend taking out a few articles of clothing or looking for a larger bag.
  • How long will my vacuum-sealed storage bag last?
  • One of the biggest questions asked about these sorts of storage solutions is whether or not these bags will last through the years.Technically speaking, each of our bag picks are airtight–which means that they should be able to keep air out of the bag indefinitely. However, most recommend opening the bag and rearranging the contents about every six months to protect the integrity of the bag and the clothes inside.With all of our picks (with the exception of The Chestnut bags), a refund or replacement guarantee is offered when bags break, lose suction, or otherwise fail to work due to reasons outside of the owner’s control. Provided you’re careful with receipts and bags, you should never have to replace vacuum storage bags.The one exception to this rule is with roll-up or travel bags. Due to the nature of the one-way valves within the bags, these types of bags tend to only last a few weeks to a few months before they need to be re-rolled and re-sealed.Consider how long you need to store your clothes when deciding whether to purchase vacuum-sealed bags or travel options.
  • Is my vacuum cleaner going to be compatible with a vacuum-sealed storage bag?
  • With the exception of roll-up options like the Chestnut bags on our list, any vacuum cleaner with a hose should be able to operate the one-way suction valves that can be found on a standard storage bag. These valves are designed to be compatible with nearly any type of vacuum hose, so you shouldn’t have any issue with any of the bags on our list.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a sturdy, long-term solution, we can’t think of a better manufacturer than SpaceSaver. Their bags are second-to-none in build quality, compression, and strength. If you want the strength and long-term sealing solution with more variations, then Vacwel comes in as a close second to SpaceSaver.

For those who need to seal clothes for several weeks or shorter, bags from Simple Houseware are easy to use and come in large quantities. Finally, if you need vacuum bags for travel or bags that are easiest to use, then Chestnut travel bags are right up your alley.

In any case, we highly recommend vacuum storage bags. No matter how effectively you pack or compress your clothes, nothing compares to the space-saving storage solution of a vacuum storage bag. Plus, vacuum storage bags are great solutions for bad odors, mildew control, pest prevention, and waterproofing.

So pick your favorite brand and reclaim your closets from clothing and clutter.

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